Australia - Summer 2014

Mission Beach, Australia, by Miles Monroe '12

Have you ever had the desire to explore the land down under?

Boasting an essentially Western culture strongly influenced by the unique geography of the Australian continent and the Aboriginal people that inhabit it, Australia is the perfect location for this summer term study abroad program.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and understanding of cultural richness and the varied roles that public relations play in shaping perceptions of culture.  Excursions to Melbourne Olympic Park, the Australian Sports Hall of Fame, Fox Studios Australia, the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Olympic Park, and more, will allow for opportunities to develop an integrated world view that recognizes the necessity of multiple disciplinary perspectives and themes that affect the world community.

Students will earn six credits and must enroll in both of the following courses:

COMM 377U - Australian Public Relations

During the course, students will gain a theoretical understanding of public relations throughout the world and an understanding of the historical, contemporary, and future nature and roles of Public Relations in Australian Society. Students will explore the issues of relationship building and interpretation of messages through social media as well as demonstrate evidence of understanding the unique roles of effective communication to different publics in Australian and Aboriginal society.

GS 3370 - Character and Culture of Australia

Through the study abroad experience, students will broaden their world view comparing and contrasting the social construct of identity in an effort to discern and identify differences between immigrant and native cultures. In exploring these cultural differences, students will also acquire knowledge of how the clash between immigrant and native cultures is manifested, articulated, and interpreted. Students will gain an appreciation for the contemporary Australian cultures through exposure to the arts, film, music, drama, sports, and leisure activities of present day Australia.

Dr. Jimmy Roux,
Dr. Barbara Rothermel,