2012-2013 Global Studies Seminars

All program dates and costs are tentative pending final approval.

Experiential Learning Grants (ELGs), available for winter and summer study abroad programs, offer students a 50% reduction in tuition fees. The ELGs do not apply to program fees which cover flights, accommodations, site entrances, some meals, insurance, etc.

Winter break 2012-2013

Spring break 2013

Summer 2013

Winter Break 2012-2013

Rome: The Eternal City as Art and Museum (ART 110SA or ART 166SA)

Contact: Dr. Delane Karalow (karalow@lynchburg.edu), or Ms. Siobhan Byrns (byrns.s@lynchburg.edu)

Celebrate the New Year in Rome, the Eternal City. Students in the fine arts class will be on visual sensory overload as they experience firsthand some of the greatest art and architecture the world has ever produced. On this program, students explore how cemeteries, palaces, and churches, and in fact, how a city can become a museum. While in Rome photography students will also have the opportunity to capture the splendor of the Eternal City in digital photography.

*Participation in this program will fulfill the Fine Arts General Education Requirement. Students may enroll in either "Introduction to Visual Art" (ART 110SA) or "Photography 1" (ART 166SA).

See the program brochure for more details.

Cost: $4,077 (or less depending on number of participants; see the program brochure above)
Dates: December 30, 2012 - January 14, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This program is part of a semester-long course at LC.

Austria: Music and Culture (MUSC 019SA)

Contact: Dr. Oeida Hatcher (hatcher@lynchburg.edu), Dr. Cynthia Ramsey (ramsey.c@lynchburg.edu), or Mr. Johnson Scott (scott.f@lynchburg.edu)

Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert: experience the history and culture of Austria, one of the world's great musical countries. You'll visit historical sites, participate in daily class discussions, and go to world-class concerts. The trip includes stops in Vienna, Salzburg, and several sites in Hungary.

See the program brochure for more details.

Cost: $3,977 (or less depending on number of participants; see the program brochure above)
Dates: March 6-17, 2013

Cuba and the United States: Fear and Loathing (INTL 377Z)

Contact: Faculty leaders Dr. David Richards (richards.d@lynchburg.edu) or Dr. Nichole Sanders (sanders.n@lynchburg.edu)

Travel between the U.S. and Cuba has been relaxed under President Obama. This Spring semester course aims to take advantage of this by offering a Spring break course in which students can visit the island and experience firsthand one of the few remaining Marxist–Socialist states in the world. The course will offer a background in Cuban history and politics, with a focus on the past 50 years under the Castro regime.

This course will explore the relationship between the United States and Cuba. It will look at the political history between the two nations, explore in depth U.S. foreign policy towards Cuba and examine the current state of Cuba. The course will include a 10-day trip to Cuba to experience firsthand Cuba today.

Cost: TBA (we are working to keep the cost lower than $3,000 per student)
Dates: March 6-17, 2013

Summer 2013

There is generally a week of instruction on campus prior to departure following graduation. The dates listed below are for travel only.

Rising Europe and its Past (HIST 377P, INTL 377V)

Contact: Dr. Brian Crim (crim@lynchburg.edu) and Dr. Marek Payerhin (payerhin@lynchburg.edu)

A 22 day study abroad program in Europe: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic
Don't miss the opportunity to travel and learn at one of the most beautiful, historically significant, and dynamic regions in Europe. This specially designed three-week program introduces students to the troubled history of East Central Europe as well as its exciting present and future. Tour Berlin, Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, and more.

Students will experience a tour of the Old Jewish district, Schindler’s factory and museum, and former concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Krakow; the Terezin Memorial and Radio Free Europe in Prague. Students will visit the Berlin Wall, Potsdam, Gdank’s Old City, Wolf’s Lair (Hitler's bunker) in Ketrzyn, and many other cities and locations of rich historical significance during this program.

Students can earn six credit hours while having the experience of a lifetime. Students will enroll in these courses:

HIST 377P - The Holocaust

This study program is designed to allow participants to visit some of the key sites related to the history of the Holocaust. Students will first study the history of racial antisemitism and National Socialism before visiting important sites related to the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Students will experience the “topography of terror” in Berlin, visit concentration camps inside Germany, visit camps inside Poland, including Auschwitz, and the Warsaw Ghetto.

INTL 377V - Rising Europe

The course will focus on the developments since the collapse of Communism and the end of the Cold War. The growing importance and successes of several new members of the European Union (EU) and NATO (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia) will be examined within the context of the economic and political rise of Germany and the evolution of the EU. This is an excellent time to study and experience the region first hand since processes of democratization and transitions to market economy have gained a lot of prominence while the region’s development and political reconciliation have become models to other parts of the world.

See the program brochure and itinerary for more details.

Cost: $4,000; discounted to $3,850 with a group larger than 25
May 21 - June 11, 2013
Deadline for deposit ($250)
: January 31, 2013

London: An Exploration of British Drama (ENGL 377N)

Contact: Dr. Robin Bates (bates.r@lynchburg.edu)

Journey through the exciting history of London theatre. In a program that explores the great plays, playwrights, and playhouses of the city called Theatreland, students will experience firsthand the history of London theatre from Renaissance Southbank to modern-day Covent Garden. Focusing on studying dramatic literature in historical context and through performance, this study abroad opportunity will include workshops with London theatre professionals, plays in the famous playhouses, and outings that will allow students to discover this great city.

Prerequisite: ENGL 201 or 202

Cost: TBA
Dates: TBA

London & Edinburgh: Comparative Criminology (SOCI 377M)

Contact: Dr. Kim McCabe (mccabe@lynchburg.edu)

This program offers students a view of the fascinating and sometimes dark criminological history of London and Edinburgh and a glimpse of the British penal system of today. By plunging into a world rife with notorious characters and infamous sites, participants will increase their understanding of the history of criminology, but also the United Kingdom's general history, literature, and lore.

Cost: TBA
Dates: TBA

Quebec City: French Language and Culture à la Québecoise (FREN 377N)

Contact: Dr. Bruce Mayer (mayer@lynchburg.edu)

Enjoy a "European" experience in one of the oldest cities in North America while studying at LC's newest sister school. Laval University will host LC students for a language and cultural immersion program, which includes language instruction, a home-stay experience, and cultural activities. The beautiful city of Quebec and its environs on the St. Lawrence River will provide some great sight-seeing.

Students can fulfill their foreign language general education requirement by taking the equivalent of FREN 201 at Laval University after completing FREN 102 at LC.

Cost: TBA
Dates: TBA

St. Lucia: Island Exploration through Service Learning (EDUC 377M)

Contact: TBA

Make a difference and interact with the local culture by participating in an international service learning experience. Education students will have the opportunity to engage in classroom observation and instruction at local schools and conduct developmental screenings for young children to assess their readiness for school entry. Students will also have the opportunity to explore this tropical island as they work jointly with St. Lucians during their service learning projects.

Students in this program enroll in G S 277: Cross-Cultural Explorations for an additional credit hour. This course takes place prior to departure.

Cost: TBA
Dates: TBA

South Africa: The Transition from Apartheid to Democracy (HIST 377N)

Contact: Dr. Lindsay Michie (michie.l@lynchburg.edu)

While abroad students will directly experience South Africa's art, culture and history with visits to important historical sites, including the Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela's house in Soweto, the KwaZulu-Natal Freedom Route, and Robben Island. Other cultural sites and experiences will include a medical mission on the Eastern Cape, trips to two nature reserves and a safari along the Garden Route, whale watching, music, and a play in Cape Town. Lectures will focus on contemporary South African history, culture, politics and current economic challenges.

Cost: TBA
Dates: TBA

South Korea: An Intercultural Exploration of Korean Culture at Hannam University

Contact: TBA

Students will experience a new culture and way of life during their visit to LC's sister university in Daejeon, South Korea. Classes focus on Korean language and culture while students explore Buddhist temples and taste Korean cuisine with their Korean "buddies." The program's "buddy system" pairs LC students with Hannam students who introduce their international friends to Korean life and culture. This system enhances the student experience, fostering cross-cultural understanding and friendship building. Activities include pottery-making, karaoke night, and a two-day excursion to Seoul, the South Korean capital. Students enroll in a three-credit course at Hannam University and receive transfer credit through this experience.

Video for 2011 Korean Studies Summer Program

Costs: $200 application fee; international airfare to/from South Korea and personal expenses
Dates: TBA

Uganda: Community Health in the Global South (HP 377M)

Contact: Dr. Todd Olsen (olsen.t@lynchburg.edu)

Travel to the Gulu region of Uganda where you will work directly with local leaders and citizens to promote public health initiatives. Dr. Olsen and the Sports Outreach Institute (headquartered in Lynchburg) have extensive experience within the region. This hands-on experience will allow students to examine the importance of community health and well-being and its impact on development in countries of the Global South.

Cost: TBA
Dates: TBA



A visit to the Roman Coliseum
Enjoying a walk around Quebec's Old City
St. Lucia
Working together in St. Lucia.
Making new friends in South Korea
Helping grow food in Uganda