Study Abroad

As a MA in History student, you will have the opportunity to participate in faculty-led study abroad trips. Greece, Turkey, Cuba, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic are just some of the destinations we have visited. Graduate credit is available when you participate in a study abroad trip that is led by history faculty; otherwise, you will earn undergraduate credit.

Brittney Bowes, a MA in History student who recently visited Cuba, was surprised at the similarities she found to Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest and Historic Sandusky. “What I found in Cuba connected to my own studies and interests more than I could have ever imagined. Throughout Cuba’s historic homes and districts, I found countless similarities to sites here ranging from building construction and architectural techniques to similar and, once, even the exact same patterns on dinnerware!”

Brittney says she “jumped at the opportunity to study abroad in Cuba even though her area of academic interest is Colonial North America. “I was eager to see the remnants of colonial European conquest in the Caribbean as well as the interpretation of that history to the Cuban populace as well as the numerous European tourists who visit the island yearly,” she explained.

“Ultimately, while the trip illuminated the vast differences among our countries - both presently and historically, politically and personally - more than anything, the trip showed me just how similar the peoples of our countries are and always have been. It was a truly life-changing experience about which I could offer a countless list of glowing adjectives, and I am so very thankful for having been given this amazing opportunity.”

Amanda Cortez visited Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. “Essentially, the trip was a great way to breathe life into the academic study of the Holocaust,” she said. “Visiting Auschwitz and Treblinka and walking the streets where things I've only read about actually happened were profound experiences.” Amanda went on to say that the trip allowed her to study history in a way that reading a book, writing a paper, or listening to a lecture could never provide. She added that meeting and getting to know the people on the trip were unforgettable experiences as well.

“I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in this study abroad trip. There is nothing like studying in another country, experiencing another culture, and fully inhabiting a trip like this. I wish everyone at LC could have a similar experience.”