2013 Winners

Undergraduate Poster Presentations

First Place

Karen Elizabeth Butler
Faculty: Priscilla Gannicott, Nancy Cowden
Quantitation of Floral Fragrance Variation in Yellow Lady's Slippers

Second Place (tie)

Andrew J. Myers
Faculty: John Styrsky
A comparison of aphid-tending among three ant species on ironweed

Kristen Soroka
Faculty: Charles Walton
Intimate Relationships and the Choice to Engage in Risky Behaviors

Third Place

Britney Ceney
Faculty: DuAnn Kremer
Effect of Modality on Hamstring Flexibility

Best Descriptive Poster

Victoria Rinker
Faculty: Kara Eaton
The Role of Creativity in Elementary Music Education

Best Internship Poster

McLane Grow
Faculty: David Perault
LC Sustainability Intern

Graduate Poster Presentations

First Place

Nels Erickson
Faculty: Greg Eaton
Contribution of Illegally Dumped Tires on Water Quality Degradation

Oral Presentations

School of Business and Economics

First Place

Abigail Burnette
Faculty: Alina Klein
Terrorism and Illicit Drug Prices: Does a Drug-Terror Nexus Exist?

School of Communication and the Arts

Oral Presentation, First Place

William Joseph Sperrazza
Faculty: Cynthia Ramsey
The Armed Lion: A Modern Adaptation of a Renaissance Cantus Firmus

Oral Presentation, Second Place (tie)

Robert S. Arold
Faculty: Jimmy Roux
Media Distortion of Violent Crime in the US and Its Effect on the Public

Randolph Todd Critzer Jr.
Faculty: Cynthia Ramsey
American Minimalism - Folk Music in the 21st Century

Poster Presentation, First Place

Mary Michael Wills
Faculty: Cynthia Ramsey
Traditions of Excellence: Choral Music for Middle School Choir

Poster Presentation, Second Place

Shiloh Wolfrey
Faculty: Cheryl Jorgensen-Earp
Meet My Friend, Jack Daniels

School of Education and Human Development

First Place

Douglas E. Lewis, Jr.
Faculty: Elizabeth Farnsworth
Clinical Interventions for a Grieving African-American Child

School of Health Science and Human Performance

First Place

Logan-Ann Marie Gittman
Faculty: DuAnn Kremer
Effects of Body Heat on BOD POD Estimated Body Composition

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

First Place

Tim Ryan Barzditis
Faculty: Robin Bates
King James I’s Dissuasion of Smoking through Taxation

School of Sciences

First Place (tie)

Kenneth Rose
Faculty: Keith Corodimas
Neurogenesis: The Effects of Serotonin on P. clarkii

Mallory Lynne Stewart
Faculty: David Freier
In Vitro Effects of Lindane on RAW 264.7 Macrophage Inflammatory Responses

Michael David Sorensen
Faculty: Kevin Peterson
The General Case of the Stick Game