2012 Winners

Dean's Award for Best Poster

First Place

James L. McDaniel
Rosa palustria: a Model Species for New Hybridizing Endeavors

Second Place

Mitch Poole
The Padovan Sequence: A Life in the Shadows

Third Place (tie)

Jessica Mader
Plant Growth in Aquaponic Systems through Comparison of Different Plant Media

Sarah Laurent                  
Cardiovascular Responses to Wii Fit Training: Exergaming Compared to Traditional Exercise

Best Qualitative Poster

John C. Hatcher
Tablature and Transcription: Modern Notation for Classical Guitar

Best Internship Poster

Megan Lindsay Hunt
Special Olympics: Opening Hearts, Changing Lives

School of Business and Economics

First Place

Reid Taylor
A Study of the Determinants of Transfer Fees for French Ligue 1 Players

School of Communication and the Arts

Oral Presentation, First Place (tie)

Randolph T.  Critzer, Jr.
From Boethius to Machaut: The Evolution of Medieval Music

Kyle Greaney
Let's Make Some Noise! The Sounds of Today

First Place Poster

Travis Clark
Venice, San Marco, and the Development of Concertato Style

School of Education and Human Development

First Place

Douglas Lewis, Jr.
Grief Experiences of an African-American Child after Sudden Death: A Retrospective Analysis

Second Place (tie)

Christine Dalton
Interactive Notebook/Portfolio

Maggie May
The Evolving Relationship between the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and its Colleges and Universities with Emphasis on Lynchburg College: Are these Relationships Viable and Valuable?

School of Health Science and Human Performance

First Place

Deanna Smith
Project: The Effect of the Environment on Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 Scores

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

First Place

Paul Bucklen
How a Misuse of Technology has Negatively Impacted Information Literacy

School of Sciences

First Place (tie)

Keith Wade Lester, Jr.
Fault-Tolerant Lab Control Software

Samantha Meiser
Nucleophilic addition to activated alkynes via high-speed ball milling