Student Scholar Showcase

The annual Student Scholar Showcase, held during the spring semester, provides students with an opportunity to present their scholarly, research, creative, and/or service-learning projects to the campus community.

2014 Winners

Poster Presentations

First Place (tie)

Paige Gadsby
Faculty: Lindsay Pieper
Wheaties: Breakfast of Champions and Hegemonic Masculinity

Ashley Mock
Faculty: Kari Benson
An Observation of the Dear Enemy Effect in Male Betta Fish (Betta splenderis)

Second Place

Caleigh Patterson
Faculty: Sean Collins
Self-perceived Physical Fitness versus Actual Physical Fitness level in NCAA Division III Female Athletes

Honorable Mention

Zachary D. Spaulding
Faculty: Cynthia Ramsey
Groundbreaking Notes: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Literacy Development for High School Jazz Ensembles

Tara C. Ramsey
Faculty: Michael Solontoi
Locating and Identifying Local Comets Using SDSS-III Data

Best Internship Poster

Deron Turner
Faculty: Joseph Meehean
Using Windows-Based Programming in an Internship with Stream-IT

Graduate Student

Nels Erickson
Faculty: Greg Eaton
Contribution of Illegally Dumped Tires on Water Quality Degradation

Oral Presentations

School of Business and Economics (SOBE)

First Place

Kristen H. Donovan
Faculty: Eric Kyper
Project: Gender’s Influence on Character Creation (Using Skyrim)

School of Communication and the Arts

Oral Presentation, First Place

William J. Sperrazza
Faculty: Cynthia B. Ramsey
Song from Tragedy: An Analysis of Music During the American Civil War

Oral Presentation, Second Place

Heather Virginia Dodge
Faculty: Siobhan Byrns
Online Privacy Awareness: “Exposed”

Poster Presentation, First Place

Kristen Walker
Faculty: Kara Eaton
BRAVO: Incorporating Composition in Middle School String Classes

School of Education and Human Development (EDHD)

First Place

Kristen Marbury
Faculty: Jeri Watts
Summer Camp: An Opportunity to Prevent Summer Reading Loss

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHUSS)

First Place

Spencer Murray
Faculty: Brian Crim
Panic and Disarmament: The London Naval Treaty of 1930

School of Sciences (SOS)

First Place (tie)

Jennifer Grace Cormier
Faculty: Domenica Favero
Substance Use in College Students and Social Learning Theory

Hannah Michelle Frank
Faculty: Danny Cline
Counting and the Padovan Sequence

Desiree Skylar Laughlin
Faculty: Allison Jablonski
Forced Apoptosis in the Breast Cancer Cell Line SK-BR-3 using the Inhibitors PD173955 and UO126

School of Health Science and Human Performance (HSHP)

First Place

Stacy Barringer
Faculty: Sean Collins
Gender Differences in Hear Rate Recovery and Heart Reserve Based on Body Composition