Employment Information

Employment Paperwork

For First-Time Employees

Once hired, you must complete the employment forms below before you may start working. You should return them to HR within three working days of being hired.

Payroll cannot process your hours until all paperwork is complete.

The Student Employment Coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment or you can come to Student Employment Office.

Bring two forms of ID, like your driver’s license or photo ID and social security card. For a full listing of acceptable documents visit www.uscis.gov.

You will need to complete the following forms in the Student Employment Office:

  • State (VA-4) and Federal (W-4) tax forms
  • Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)
  • Direct Deposit form (your checking or savings account number and the bank’s nine-digit routing number)
  • Statement of Confidentiality Form

For Returning Student Employees

No paperwork is required, unless your address and/or banking information has changed since your original application. The hiring department will notify the Student Employment Office of your start date.

Address Changes

If your address changes, stop by Student Employment to complete new tax forms in order to correct the address in Payroll. (You should also update your address with the registrar’s office.)

Changing Jobs

It is our expectation that, once hired, you will stay in your position for an entire year.

If you are not satisfied with your job, you should first attempt to resolve any problems with your supervisor.

Assistance is available at the Student Employment Office if you experience employment difficulties.

You may change jobs if one is available.

Multiple Jobs

You may be employed in more than one department at a time if:

  • You hold an elected position in Student Activities Board and Student Government Association or are a PASS or Connection Leader
  • You cannot earn your work study award maximum in your present position

Continuing Eligibility

Your department supervisor can request that you return to the department each year. You must be in good academic standing.

Performance Reviews

Your supervisor should evaluate your performance at the end of each semester.

During this evaluation you and your supervisor will discuss your job performance and future employment opportunities in the department.

Dress Code

Lynchburg College does not have a campus-wide dress code. Each department is responsible for establishing a dress code based on the nature and location of the job.

Scheduling Time Off

You may occasionally need to be absent from work. Request approval (in advance) from your supervisor. You will be expected to make up time missed, if possible.