Student Health or Safety Emergencies

Lynchburg College is concerned about the physical well-being and safety of its students. Students found in an incoherent or unconscious state may be transported to the nearest emergency facility for evaluation and treatment. The College reserves the right to inform a student’s parents (or legal guardian) of any situation in which emergency medical attention is requested for the student. The Office of the Dean of Students (or designee) also reserves the right to contact a student’s parents (or legal guardian) if it is determined that a substantial likelihood exists that the student will in the near future cause serious harm to himself or others as evidenced by behavior or any other relevant information. In addition, when the College determines that a health or safety emergency exists, the College may disclose information from student educational records to law enforcement officials, public health officials, and trained medical personnel to protect the health and safety of students or others.

In situations in which conditions and/or events suggest that a student’s health or safety might be at risk, the College may insist that the student seek appropriate medical evaluation and/or other treatment. The College may limit or deny the student’s access to and/or movement about campus, including residential areas and classes, pending medical evaluation, treatment, and/or administrative review of the perceived health or safety risk and of related plans for removal of that risk.

Following address of an immediate risk, students who exhibited drunkenness, incoherence, or loss of consciousness may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students for follow-up educational services, medical assessment, and/or review of related policy infractions.