Alcohol and Other Drug Education, Health, and Counseling

Alcohol and drug education is provided at Lynchburg College through a variety of means. In any given year, examples might include:

  • materials and/or presentations in College introductory programs such as Welcome Week and G S 100: Freshman Success Seminar;
  • inclusion with other instruction for undergraduates in HLTH 102: Life Choices for Health and Wellness and HP 300: Drugs and Behavior Management;
  • presentations in residence halls;
  • special presentations open to the campus community;
  • short courses designed for persons with special needs or required for persons who commit certain College violations; and/or
  • training for Residence Life staff, campus security personnel, and other staff as needed to assist them in the performance of assigned duties.

The Health Center nurses, physicians, and/or Counseling Center counselors provide first-line assessment and referral as necessary for students needing assistance, as well as consultation for those concerned about others.