Club Sport Point System

The point system works on a “plus/minus” model. Clubs may earn points in 12 categories and may have points deducted in 6 categories. The grand total is determined by adding the “plus points” total to the “minus points” total. All club points are reset June 30.

The following are ways for clubs to earn PLUS points:

Points Earned Fundraising Official Members League Dues/Entry Fees Member Dues Longevity Estimated Operation Costs
1 $200-$800 5-10 $0-$100 $20-$30 1-2 years $5-$100
2 $801-$1400 11-20 $101-$300 $31-$60 3-4 years $101-$500
3 $1401-$2000 21-30 $301-$500 $61-$90 5-6 years $501-$1000
4 $2001-$2600 31-40 $501-$700 $91-$100 7-8 years $1001-$1500
5 $2601-$3200 41+ $701-$900 $100+ 9+ years $1501+

Travel Home Event CSC Meeting Attendance

1 = In state
1 = home event
1 = meeting attended
3 = Border state
5 = Beyond

National Participation Faculty/Staff Advisor Community Involvement

1 = Local/state tourney
1 = Registered advisor
3 = per service project (50% of membership or 15 members must be involved)
3 = Regional or league tournament

Other ways for clubs to earn points are for effective communication and goal setting for their respective clubs. Points will be distributed at the discretion of the Club Sport Coordinator based upon the following:

  • Adherence to guidelines and policy
  • Club officers maintaining direct communication with the Coordinator
  • Club officers completing a goal-setting exercise. During the budget process, the Club Sport Council and the Coordinator will evaluate those goals and will allocate points ranging from 1-10

The following are ways that clubs can earn MINUS points:

Missing Deadlines
The sport club program works efficiently when administrative paperwork is completed and submitted on time. One point will be deducted for every deadline missed.

Fiscal Handling
All money received from dues, donations or fundraising is to be submitted to the Business Office or the Coordinator the next business day in order to be deposited. One point will be deducted each day the money is late.

Attendance to Mandatory Meetings
One point will be deducted each time a club does not have a representative at the Club Sport Council monthly meeting.

Failure to Follow Proper Procedures
Points will be deducted if a club fails to follow proper procedures (P.O. requests, travel requests, waiver signatures, petty cash, hazing forms, etc.) Point deductions will be determined by the Coordinator and CSC on a case-by-case basis.

Negative Image
If the coordinator is informed of poor behavior and of negative images of Lynchburg College Sport Club participants, points will be deducted based on the severity of the incident. Point deductions will be determined by the Coordinator and CSC on a case-by-case basis.

The Coordinator will make decisions on the level of the incident (major or minor). If there is a question as to the level of the incident, the CSC Executive Board will be consulted.

  • Minor Infraction – 1-point deduction
  • Repeat of Infraction – 5-point deduction
  • Major Infraction – 10-point deduction