Snidow Chapel

Snidow ChapelSnidow Chapel is a place for formal worship on the campus – a place where the campus community gathers for special worship services and musical performances throughout the year.

The chapel was built in 1966 and is named in honor of Lynchburg College benefactors Clifton L. Snidow Sr., member of the College Board of Trustees (1906-28), and his wife, Sallie E. Snidow.

The sanctuary holds more than 400 persons and houses a pipe organ and a grand piano.

Also located in the chapel are the Hebb Music Center and the Helen Wood Recital Hall.


Snidow Chapel is available for weddings and receptions on a limited basis.

Saving Grace Art Quilt

A focal point of the sanctuary is an art quilt, “Saving Grace,” created by Jill Jensen – her largest art quilt to date.

Measuring approximately 14 by 7 feet, the quilt features Christian crosses on one side and symbols of world religions on the other.

Crosses side
Saving Grace Quilt
Multi-faith side

The crosses are canvas painted in muted colors, while the religious symbols are made of cotton and painted in bright shades of green, purple, and red – the colors of the Christian liturgical calendar.

From a distance the quilt looks like one image, but close up, numerous religious icons appear representing Buddhism, Native Americanism, Judaism, and others. “This conveys that we all work together,” says Jensen, “regardless of faith.”