Our Philosophy

The Outdoor Leadership Program programs exist to develop leadership skills and support community and personal growth through experiential learning. Development is achieved through the utilization of ropes courses, indoor/outdoor workshops, and adventure programming.

We subscribe to the following principles and incorporate them into our programs and activities: Full Value Contract, Challenge By Choice, and Leave No Trace.

Full Value Contract

Developed by Project Adventure, the principles of the Full Value Contract are integral to many adventure programs. A Full Value Contract is an agreement that creates an emotionally and physically safe environment supported by all group members.

All versions of the Full Value Contract ask the group: 1) to understand and/or create safe and respectful behavioral norms under which it will operate, 2) for a commitment to those norms by everyone in the group, and 3) to accept a shared responsibility for the maintenance of those norms.

While the principles of the Full Value Contract are consistent throughout all Project Adventure programs, the exact wording of the FVC has evolved over time. That there are many variations and that the Full Value Contract continues to evolve underscores its value and importance as a versatile learning tool.

Challenge By Choice

Challenge by Choice is a concept originated by Project Adventure. It asks that participants challenge themselves and participate fully in the experience. Because each person will be challenged differently, Challenge by Choice asks participants to search for opportunities to stretch and grow during the experience. All are asked to add value to the group experience by finding a way to contribute to the group’s efforts while also seeking to find value in the experience for themselves.

Accepting Challenge by Choice encourages all to respect thoughtful choices. It creates opportunities for learning about how to set goals that are in neither in the comfort nor the panic zone, but in that slightly uncomfortable stretch zone where the greatest opportunities for growth and learning lie.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is an environmental ethic which provides a common language and set of practices for the respectful use and preservation of wild areass so that future generations will enjoy what we have today.

The Outdoor Leadership Program also provides training classes leading to certification as a Leave No Trace trainer with the national Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

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