Outdoor Leadership Staff

Student Staff Spring 2015

Kevin Williams ’17
Certifications: Wilderness First Aid

Anthony Ferraro ’16
Certifications: Wilderness First Aid, Leave No Trace Certified/Trainer
Other: Eagle Scout and outdoor enthusiast

Sean Austin ’16
Certifications: Wilderness CPR and First Aid certified, Leave No Trace Trainer
Other: Worked for the Outdoor Leadership Program since August 2012
Interests: Hiking, caving, kayaking, rock climbing, and rafting
Involved in Student Government Association, Phi Kappa Tau, and Campus Outreach.

Ashley Mock ’15
Certifications: Wilderness First Aid

Blake Stewart ’16
Certifications: Leave no trace trainer

John Fitzpatrick ’15
Certifications:  Wilderness First Aid

Heather Smith ’16
Certifications: Wilderness First Aid, CPR
Interests: Hiking, rock climbing, and enjoying the outdoors

Student Staff Responsibilities

The Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program student facilitators train all year to offer experiential opportunities to the Lynchburg College campus and community. The students are required to have a 2.5 minimum GPA and uphold Lynchburg College’s standards for student leaders. In order to obtain a specialist certification in a certain activity, facilitators must complete a specific training regimen and pass a written exam for that activity.

Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program student facilitators love the outdoors – the people, animals, plants, rocks, and the relationships in and from the outdoor world. Although specific training and traditional education are important, student staff relies on experiential education and are excited to invite others to learn experientially through outdoor adventures.

Training includes:

  • Leave No Trace Trainer Certification
  • Training throughout the school year
  • Lead programs with the coordinator and certified lead facilitators throughout the school year
  • Facilitating ropes course programs throughout the school year
  • One Advanced Medicine Course: Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Individual Training:

  • Each staff member individually works towards becoming certified in an array of areas, like Canoe; Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddle Board; Tree Climbing; Caving; Verticle Rope; Hiking; Backpacking; Campcraft
  • Challenge course Facilitation: games and inititives; Low course; High course