Equipment Rental





7 days

Sleeping Bag $5 $2 $8 $12
Sleeping Pad $2 $1 $3 $4
Backpack $7 $2 $9 $14
Cook Set
(pot, pan, lid, flexible spatula, and pot gripper)
$2 $1 $3 $6
Tent $8 $2 $10 $16
Head lamp $4 $1 $9 $15

Rental Procedure

To reserve equipment, please contact us 7 days in advance. Please note that reservations are not complete until you have a confirming email and have paid in full.

All equipment must be returned the next day or by 9 a.m. the day after the rental period ends. If late, an additional week charge will be incurred. Full replacement will be charged if returned later than one week from the end of the rental.

Contact us at or 434.544.8224 to make a reservation. Rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any cancellation due to weather may be refunded; however, the conditions are subject to discussion Outdoor Leadership Program staff.


Persons renting equipment may pay by cash, check made out to Lynchburg College, or charge to their campus account. Payment is due in full upon receipt of the rental equipment.


  • Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program expects that all gear will be returned in the same condition as it was when rented. Any damaged equipment must be replaced at full retail cost of the replacement.
  • Cooking equipment must be thoroughly cleaned before being returned to Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program. Tents should be shaken out to remove dirt, grass, other debris, and air-dried. If equipment is not cleaned before return, a minimum $50 charge will be assessed.
  • Gear will be lent out at a designated time. If the gear has not already been paid for in full, payment should be completed at this time. All gear should be returned at the designated time. (See rental procedure above.)
  • LC Outdoor Leadership Program reserves the right to request a member of the group set up tents or demonstrate use of equipment prior to rental, so that any questions regarding the operation of the equipment may be answered.
  • Users must provide their own batteries for head lamp rentals.
  • LC Outdoor Leadership Program is not responsiblefor keeping the participants safe while using Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program gear. Any incident that occurs on the trip or program is the responsibility of the individuals on the trip program. If an incident occurs involving Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program gear, neither Lynchburg College nor Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program is liable.