Climbing Wall Dedication: Lauren MacLeod ’14

The Outdoor Leadership Program has opened up a tremendous amount of doors for me these past four years. Before my first year at LC began, I signed up for the OLP ABOVE program, an opportunity that enabled me to meet new people and get out and do the things I love. We hiked, caved, kayaked, and of course, climbed. Since then, I have not been able to stay away from the prospects OLP has brought into my life. It has enabled me to explore the joys of outdoor recreation in nearly every aspect of my life, and has taught me to instill those values into leadership roles within school boundaries as well as future career endeavors.

This rock climbing wall presents an opportunity not only for students to become more acquainted with each other, but also themselves. Plain and simple—rock climbing is fun. But it also brings about an amazing learning experience. On my various climbing adventures in the past few years, I have been able to connect myself to great communities that all have the same fundamental appreciations for the thrills this world can offer. More importantly, that climb, that final reach to the top stimulates an extraordinary personal achievement. Whether you’re a first time climber, or you’re ice climbing Mount Everest, there will always be that moment when time freezes, and you say to yourself, “I did it.”

This wall is a chance for the LC community to come together in numerous ways. You are putting your trust into your belayer’s hands, as they put encouragement into yours. You can come as a team, as a group of friends, or a collection of strangers; nonetheless I can guarantee you will always leave with something more.

– Lauren MacLeod, Senior Outdoor Leadership Program staff