Course Elements

Nestled among tulip poplars and oaks on Lynchburg College’s campus, the Adventure Course (challenge course — Ropes Course) provides a wilderness feel just fifteen minutes from downtown Lynchburg. Our outdoor classroom provides a wide range of teaching opportunities and experiences for your group. Team building, communication, and trust, are all part and parcel of our program. Two-hour, four-hour, and full-day programs are tailored to meet your group’s needs.

Course Element Descriptions

Low Course

Trust Platform (Fall from Height)
A classic challenge that has been the foundation of so many great programs, the Trust Fall Platforms, are the last part of the Trust Fall Sequence. Or then again, it may be the first step in your group’s journey together.

Electric Fence
Get your group up and over this electric fence (electricity not included) or ZZZAAAPPP!!!!

Mohawk Walk
“Balancing precariously on the thin cable, Dr. Jones sways back and forth over the pit of bubbling lava. In the distance, glistening in the morning sun rests his prize, the legendary Rubber Chicken of the ancient Aztec Empire” – from the unpublished (and unwritten) upcoming adventure, Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Rubber Chicken.

Nitro Crossing
An outbreak of the common cold has struck your hometown and only you can save the community from a case of sniffles and sneezes that could last for DAYS!!! Can your team cross the raging river with Grandma’s Rubber Chicken Soup and rescue the villagers all the while landing on moving boards? Rules are: Only use what you bring with you.

Spider’s Web
Your casual hike through the woods has just gotten intense as the Giant James River Spider has chased you towards its lair. Carefully maneuver yourself through his web or you’ll be lunch! Come by to checkout our NEW third dimension of this element, or “Maybe we should start on the inside and work our way out?” Remember the penalty for touching the web is a song of the facilitator’s choice!

Spider Maze (Spider’s Web and Maze combined)
So if you were in need of a 3-dimensional challenge in which asking for help is not an option and teammates are attached at the hip and four zones of separation are considered the norm, then this is your activity! Oh that’s right, a spider is lurking above.

Tension Traverse
It’s the Outdoor Leadership Barn Dance! “Shake to the left and shake to the right; switch with your partner and dance all night!” (Barn and fiddle player not included.)

Wild Woozey
“Lean on Me” gains a whole new meaning as you and your partner form your own Arc de Triomphe!

Tire Traverse
Tarzan may meet his match in our little jungle playground. It’s just like your classic tire swing except there are six of ’em! “Hey, this is a lot more challenging than it looks.” And very physical, too!

The Wall
Plain and simple: get over the wall. But how are we going to get the last guy up? Or the first guy for that matter? A two-level one too? The real question: is your group doing the 9′ section or the 11’6 section?

T.P. Shuffle
Walking on a balance beam isn’t too hard, but have you ever tried to climb over someone on it?

Jacob’s Ladder (Fidget Ladder)
This challenge was once used to train knights for balance. Now you can see if you have what it takes to join the Round Table.

Blind Maze
The group is blindfolded, led to a maze constructed of rope, then asked to find the exit. Hey there is only one way outa here … yep ya gotta figure this one out on your own, even though we are available for help, ya just need to ask for it!

Water Wheel
This giant water wheel indicated we were closer to the village. If we went over the water wheel instead of following the river, it would save time. But could it be done? So now that was fairly easily accomplished, let’s raise the bar a few higher.

Whale Watch
Teeter and totter on this extra large platform. Does your group need balance in the team, balance in life? Wait a moment … who gets on first and then we move? And in a circle while singing? Is it possible? Note of caution: Watch out for the whale of a good time.

Shark Watch
If you thought that the Whale Watch was a challenge then watch out for the shark bite on this relative of the whale … The shark moves in 360 degrees of direction … Not sold in normal stores, comes with sand pit.

High Course

Choose your route through our high complex as you ascend up to forty feet in the trees. Balance, hang, crawl, and swing your way to the zip platform, and then “fly” back to the earth!

Nessy (as in the up-down-around-over-under sea monster)
The Nessy is a high challenge course element that uses teeter tottering (swinging) beams suspended by cables as a means of crossing from one platform to another. The beams have hand ropes that hang to the ground for fellow group/team members to pull on in order to stabilize the beams as participants cross to the other side. This participant-belayed activity can be done with one or two climbers at a time, depending on the group’s size and interest in a challenge. This element combines the developmental team of the low course with the thrill and excitement of a high course. Did we say FUN way beyond the normal challenge, as in, are you kidding me?

Leap for Life (AKA Pamper Pole)
It’s not a high jump, it’s not a long jump – this is a LEAP FOR LIFE!! Forty feet up, this initiative is one of the most challenging around!

Zip Line (need we say more? Everyone wants to “Zip-Away”)
Strap into our zip line after climbing through the high ropes complex for an exciting descent back to the ground! The ZIP line can also be done separately or in combination with other programs, depending on group size and duration of program; fees vary depending on group and group size.