Students FAQ

What is the cost of the program; how do I pay; when is payment due; and what does it cover?

The cost is $250 (or $300 after July 1). You may pay by check, cash, or credit card. Payment is due with application. The program covers transportation, meals while on the program, and technical gear.

What do I need to bring?

The packing list details everything you need to bring. Please read it carefully and follow our advice. Do not over pack, but definitely do not under pack.

You are only expected to bring personal gear such as closed-toe sandals, clothing, duffel bag, and head lamp w/spare batteries. Once you sign up you will receive detailed information about what you need to provide for yourself.

Do I need to buy any expensive equipment?

Not unless you want to! Equipment such as kayaks, stand-UP paddle boards, and tents will be provided by Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program along with all group camping and cooking gear.

What does rent/borrow mean? Is there a cost?

The cost to borrow/use is free, unless the gear is damaged, lost, or inappropriately used. Treat the gear as your own, and it is free. Costs for rental equipment are included in the program price. Damage and loss are charged at full retail value. Examples are: sleeping bag $100, paddle $300, kayak $1200.

What if I have my own gear?

If you have your own camping equipment we encourage you to bring it on the trip. A supply of sleeping bags, day packs, and sleeping pads are available to borrow.

What is the big deal about water shoes?

A quality pair of water shoes provides the foundation for all activities. Whether in camp or on a paddle, great support and lack of blisters and protection in oyster beds will help make you and your entire group “happy campers.”

Does the menu accommodate vegetarians or other dietary needs?

Our menu is vegetarian-friendly. In fact, all of our meals can be vegetarian. Vegans can adjust to our menu too, which consists of lots of rice, beans, pasta, oatmeal, pancakes, fruits and veggies. It is also important to note that we purchase as much local produce as possible. If you have concerns about your diet, please email us at .

If I wear contact lenses, what should I do?

Most contact lens wearers are fine on our program, although some prefer to wear glasses for the five days. Whatever you decide, please bring a backup pair of glasses or an extra pair of contact lenses. Glasses straps (like Croakies) should accompany every pair of glasses.

Will I be able to move into my residence hall early?

All students accepted into the program may check in with the Office of Residence Life to take part in ABOVE. You will pick up your keys and check in per the Residence Life schedule. You will be staying the first night and will leave for the ABOVE program the following morning. You have the option of just bringing what you need and doing a complete move-in during Hornet Days.

Should I pack all my stuff for ABOVE move-in, or should I send packages, or have my parents bring everything afterwards separately?

As an ABOVE student you are moved directly into your fall housing. If you are driving to campus, pack all your stuff. If you are flying, you can ship your belongings (that you don’t need for your ABOVE trip) to your campus mailbox. You should receive your mailing address/shipping information in other College mailings.

Which residence hall will I live in?

This is determined by the Residence Life director.

In which orientation do I need to enroll?

ABOVE students must participate in one of the three June SOAR sessions. Please go to for more information.

Will I miss out on Hornet Days?

No. The ABOVE program will return to the Lynchburg College campus in time for you to join the rest of the freshman class for Hornet Days activities.

Do I need to have previous experience?

No. Our program will cover the fundamentals of back country ethics and travel, as well as the dynamics of working with a new group of people. Therefore everyone, regardless of experience, stands to learn and grow throughout the activities.

How do I know if I’m physically capable of doing a trip?

The reality is that every trip will require some physical effort on your part. The best thing you can do if you are unsure of your ability to complete a program is to simply call us at Lynchburg College Outdoor Leadership Program, 434.544.8224, and we can help you figure it out.

How “out there” will we be during the trip?

The ABOVE program is designed to take you and the group away from the distractions of home life and place you in a different environment – this is a similar experience to leaving home to attend college. Some trips, by nature of the route or activity, will intersect with busier areas. For the most part, however, you can expect to be out of contact and “out there” for the duration of your program.

Please note that cell phones and electronic devices are okay, but there is no way to charge them. NO alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are permitted at any time during the program; this program is the same as if you were in a classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ABOVE program, get in touch with us! Call us at 434.544.8224 or email us at .