Leadership Awards

Unsung Hero Awards

Awarded to four staff members who have contributed outstanding service to the campus community. The service provided by the nominees should be beyond the call of duty and exceed expected job requirements.

Nominees must be below the level of “director” and may not have received the award during the previous year. Undergraduate students are not eligible for this award.

Outstanding Organization Advisor Award

Honors an organizational advisor who has contributed outstanding service to an organization. The service provided by the nominee must be voluntary, non-compensated activities at Lynchburg College.

Lynchburg College Service Awards

Honors a student and a recognized organization who have contributed outstanding service to the campus. The service provided by the nominee should be voluntary, non-compensated activities at the College.

Lynchburg College Leadership Awards

Honors a student and a recognized organization who best exemplify strong leadership qualities. The nominee for this award may be an organization with compensated officers.

Freshman Leadership Award

Honors one freshman who has demonstrated superior service to the campus during their first year of college.

He or she should be a student who shows promise as a future leader on campus. All nominees must have a 2.5 QPA*, and must have completed at least one semester as a full-time student by the time the nomination is received.

Outstanding Senior Awards

Awarded to six seniors who have demonstrated active involvement both on the LC campus and in the Lynchburg community. All nominees must be listed as seniors with the College and have a 3.0 QPA*.

Robert C. Macauley Caring Award

Awarded to three students who best demonstrate exceptional leadership in community service.

Nominees may demonstrate leadership in developing and implementing service projects that address a community need that otherwise may not have been met; leadership in empowering others to become leaders through service; a commitment to improving themselves and others through service; initiative, motivation, and persistence in achieving service project goals; and a continuous concern and caring for others as demonstrated by service activities.

Ambassadors Award

Established in 2003 and first awarded in 2004, this award honors students who, through their actions, best represent the values and virtues of Lynchburg College.

Nominees shall, by actions, efforts, and energies both inside and outside the classroom, motivate their fellow students to a greater level of commitment to the College, elevate the reputation of the College in the community’s eye, and promote the general spirit of the faculty, staff, and/or students.

This award is in tribute to Dr. George N. Rainsford, the eighth president of the College, who was a mentor and inspiration to many students here.

Ed Williams Peace and Social Justice Award

Created and first awarded in 2007, this award recognizes a student who is outstanding in his or her commitment to peace, community service, and social justice.

Nominees must promote peace and friendship within Central Virginia by helping out in local communities, and by encouraging understanding between students and the larger community. Particular emphasis in the selection of the award shall be on individuals who have demonstrated personal initiative in their work with the community and have exercised leadership in specific projects. Consistent with the intentions of the donor, no religious proselytizing should be associated with the work of the award recipient.

Green Champion Award

Created in honor of The Year of the Environment at Lynchburg College, this award celebrates one student who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and service to Lynchburg College and the environment.

Nominees should display a determination, passion, and willingness to solve environmental problems that inspires others to action.

Graduate Assistant Leadership Award

This award honors a graduate assistant whose leadership has made a significant impact during his/her term. Nominees should excel in leadership as demonstrated by outstanding initiative, impact of work, and inspiration of others.

Alpha Sigma Pi Service Sorority Award Honoring Joy Flowers

This award recognizes an outstanding undergraduate female student who has demonstrated leadership qualities and provided meaningful service for campus and/or community needs.

Nominees should serve as motivating examples to fellow students as to what can be accomplished through strong leadership and service to others.