Network Username and Password

When you are enrolled at Lynchburg College, your network and email accounts will be created and a username and password is assigned to you. You will use this username and password to access your student email, myLC, studentsonline, and the off-campus library access.

You should change your password upon arrival at Lynchburg College.

To Change Your Network Password

  1. Sign on to any campus computer.
  2. Log in to myLC
  3. Select the technology link in the left navigation bar on the main page of myLC
  4. Select a new password and fill out the form Password Change form, which is the first tab. Dots or Asterisks will appear as you type your old and new password.s Your new password:
    • must be at least 6 characters long.
    • cannot contain spaces or punctuation.
    • is case sensitive.
    • should not be easily guessed. Your name or nickname, student ID number, phone number, etc., are bad choices.
  5. Be sure to fill in all the boxes on this page. Typing your new password twice helps you make certain that the keyboard did not malfunction while you were typing.
  6. Click Change Password.

Note: Changing your network password will affect your Moodle login password. The Moodle system is connected to other network resources.

Protect Your Personal Information

Please keep all passwords confidential. The username and password you have been given, together with your ID card, are your keys to a variety of valuable Information Technology services that contain personal information about you. You need to protect these keys just as you would protect the keys to your car and your residence hall room.

  • Protect your ID card – keep it with you at all times.
  • Keep your passwords and long-distance authorizations codes private. Since everyone on campus has one, no one should need to borrow yours for any reason. Sharing passwords is a violation of the Technology Usage Policy.
  • After using a campus computer in a lab or classroom, always log off of the computer.
  • If you think someone is using your password without your permission, change it immediately. If you suspect foul play, contact the Information Technology Services office at ext. 8350. Your password will be reset to its initial value within 24 hours after you call.