Campus Network Information

Network Registration

Network registration is required before you will be able to access the campus network.

In order to protect student-owned computers and the Lynchburg College network, Lynchburg College uses network registration software called the Cisco Network Access Control agent (NAC).

NAC must be installed on your computer upon connecting to the College network in the residence halls, college houses, wireless access areas, and public areas with network access.

Installing NAC

When you initially connect to the Lynchburg College network, open a web browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer). You will then be asked to log onto the network using your LC network username and password. You will be prompted to download NAC. After the agent is installed, it will check your computer to ensure that it has current antivirus software and all critical Microsoft Windows updates.

Computers that are not up to date will be allowed to access only specific sites for updates. They will remain with only limited temporary access until properly updated. Computers that have updated Windows and anti-virus software will gain access to the Internet. Throughout the semester, you will be required to log out of NAC and reauthenticate – this ensures that all computers remain up to date.

Instructions and assistance for installing and initiating NAC are available at Fall Check-in and at the ITR Help Desk, located on the bottom floor of Carnegie Hall. You may also call ITR for assistance at ext. 8350.