Year-end Closing Information

You’ve almost made it through another year! While you’re busy studying, make sure you review the information on this page so your check-out process is easy.

You must vacate your room 24 hours after your last exam or by the deadline in the table below, whichever is sooner. The only individuals who are allowed to stay are graduating seniors, approved workers, members of the band, choir, marshals, and those with an immediate family member graduating. Transportation is not an acceptable reason to stay. You must request permission to stay for graduation by completing the late stay form on MyLC by the deadline if you fall into one of the above categories. (Once you log in, click the “residential” link on the left, then the “Arrival form” tab.)

Note: This information is related to housing/residential closing. Academic classes and coursework must be followed per the instructor for that class. If there are any conflicts, please contact your RA or the Office of Residence Life for accommodations. Residential closing does not excuse a student from missing class.

Spring Closing 2016 Dates
Apr. 29 Residence Life 24-hour quiet hours begin at 7 p.m.
Apr. 29 Last day for residential students to apply to stay late (MyLC, residential tab, arrival form)
May 6 All residences close for non-graduating seniors at 10 a.m. (Students not approved to stay must leave.)
May 8 All residences close by 10 a.m.
May 8-14 College housing closed
May 15 Summer School housing check-in

Check-out Process

As you prepare to leave LC, please read all of this information carefully so that your check-out process is quick and painless.

You have two options: express check-out and standard check-out. Your RA will have a mandatory floor meeting to discuss these options and your responsibilities related to closing.

Remember that you must check out (standard or express); you must be quiet; and you should return the room to the state it was in when you moved in – clean and orderly! If you have any questions, please talk to your RA.

Express Check-out

Express check-out was developed to provide flexibility and save you time. The express check-out option allows you to check out of your room at any time of the day or night prior to the check-out deadline. If you wish to check out with an RA present, you may still do so with standard check-out – express check-out is optional. You should refer to your hall closing notice for further information concerning standard residence hall procedures.

If you plan to use express check-out, please remember that an RA will later inspect your room to compare its present condition with the condition you indicated on the “Room Condition Form” at the time you checked in. You will be held financially responsible for any missing items, damages, or necessary cleaning. The Residence Life Office recommends that the standard check-out procedure be used if you and/or your roommate(s) have any questions concerning damage responsibilities.

Failure to complete and sign the express check-out form will constitute an improper check-out.

In order to use the express check-out option, you must:

  1. Declare to your RA that you wish to exercise the “express check-out option.”
  2. Obtain a check-out envelope from your RA.
  3. Remove all belongings from your room.
  4. Clean the room carefully (see following pages for guidelines).
  5. Lock your room.
  6. Sign the check-out envelope, seal the envelope, and return it to the Information Desk/Campus Safety and Security.
  7. If you have lost your room key, you may still use the check-out envelope. Simply seal the empty envelope, write “lost key” and return the envelope to Information Desk/Campus Safety and Security.

Standard Check-out

Standard check-out is a good option if you have questions about damage responsibilities or if you would like to find out what you may be charged for and/or have an the opportunity to correct the problem.

  1. Your room must be cleaned out at the time of check-out. All paper, trash, etc., must be removed.
  2. Trash bags will be available from the custodial staff at all times. All trash must be bagged and taken out to the dumpster.
  3. Clean your doors and walls (graffiti, tape, etc.) to avoid damage charges.
  4. If you are using standard check-out, you must sign up for a slot to check-out with your RA. You must check out when you are ready to leave and your room is clean. If your RA is not available, find another RA or your hall director to assist you.
  5. If you have the new wooden furniture and are using a College loft kit, do not take your bed down.
  6. If you are an approved worker for Commencement and/or are taking part in the graduation ceremonies, you must state your reason for staying by completing the late stay form on MyLC by the deadline. (Once you log in, click the “residential” link on the left, then the “Arrival form” tab.) Permission or denial to stay in the residence halls will be sent to you via email. Failure to register may result in loss of housing privileges and/or fines.
  7. If you have any appliances, clothes, school supplies, or plants that you will be throwing away, you may contact Chris Gibbons in the Office for Community Involvement office at 434.544.8470 and donate them for distribution through that office.
  8. If you are not approved to stay, your ID card will be deactivated. Only those approved by the Residence Life Office will be able to access the buildings.
  9. You must be out of the residence halls 24 hours after your last exam. Graduating Seniors must apply to stay late.
  10. Any behavior that is deemed to be disruptive, loud, aggressive, or that in any way disturbs the orderly close-down of the halls or the quiet study atmosphere may result in immediate removal from the hall, pending a hearing.
  11. All residential facilities close by 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 8, 2016. For students staying for summer school or study abroad trips, arrangements will be made for changing locations. All students who are staying for College reasons must move to the summer location. No exceptions are possible. If you need summer housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at ext. 8320.
  12. Storage is not permitted in residential facilities at LC.
  13. If you need summer housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 434.544.8320. Summer School housing check-in will occur on May 15, 2016.

Avoid Fines and Sanctions

Below are some of the common things students get fined for. In order to avoid fines, make sure you do the following:

  • Clean, scrub, mop, and vacuum: This is crucial. Be sure to clean the entire room or Southside residence – this includes vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. If you live on Southside (or in Hundley), please be sure to clean the bathroom, kitchens, and living rooms!
  • Return your key(s): All keys must be returned in a check-out envelope to the Information Desk/Campus Safety and Security. Keys that are not returned prior to departure and/or are not turned into Campus Safety and Security will be charged – this includes leaving the key in a room, giving it to an RA/a roommate/a friend/accidentally take it home/etc.
  • Standard check-out: Schedule a time to check out with your RA. This will enable you to see what you may be charged for and/or give you the opportunity to correct the problem. Keys must still be returned to Campus Safety and Security.
  • Remove belongings: Don’t leave behind items you do not want. Please donate these items to Goodwill and put them in the designated boxes or place them in the dumpsters on campus.
  • Remove tape and adhesives: (glow in the dark stars, etc.) This is necessary because removal of the tape takes too much time for the Physical Plant staff before they can prepare to paint.
  • Empty College refrigerators: Throw out any and all food remaining in your refrigerator before moving out.
  • Remove personal furniture and refrigerators: Just like small personal belongings, these items should be donated or taken to the dumpsters on campus.
  • Empty all trash: Take an extra few minutes to empty your bedroom, kitchen, and/or bathroom trash in the appropriate areas. Dumpsters will be available on campus.
  • Leave on time: Move out of your residence on time following the timeline provided by the Office of Residence Life. If you need to stay late, you must complete the late stay form on MyLC. (Once you log in, click the “residential” link on the left, then the “Arrival form” tab.)


Cleaning Recommendations

To avoid a charge for cleaning after check-out, please leave your room in the following condition:

  • Furnishings: Empty and clean all closets and drawers; rehang all closet doors
  • Floors: Sweep or vacuum your room. Do not sweep anything into the hallway!
  • Hallways: Do not place trash, wood, or furniture of any kind in hallways or common areas
  • Walls: Remove all posters, nails, and tape; clean marks off wall
  • Doors: Remove all stickers, both inside and out; remove tape and staples; clean off all writing/marks
  • Windows: Close and lock windows; remove all stickers and marks

Some conditions, which may result in assessment for damages, include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing on doors
  • Unattached/missing closet doors
  • Dart holes anywhere
  • Burn marks on desks, doors, mattress and/or carpet
  • Holes in the walls, doors, or molding strips
  • Cracked windows, cracked mirrors
  • Damaged or missing phone jack, door lock, towel rack, or Internet jack
  • Failure to remove items such as couches, rugs, or lofts
  • Stickers/decals/tape on windows, doors, walls, or mirrors
  • Discarding trash or furniture in hallways or common areas
  • Missing or damaged beds or furniture