Fall Break

During Fall Break, all residential facilities are opened on a limited basis. You are permitted to stay if you register to stay – see the instructions below.

Note: This information is related to housing/residential closing. Academic classes and coursework must be followed per the instructor for that class. If there are any conflicts, please contact your RA or the Office of Residence Life for accommodations. Residential closing does not excuse a student from missing class.

Fall Break 2015 Dates
Oct. 5 Last day for residential students to apply to stay late or arrive early for fall break
(MyLC,  residential tab, arrival form)
Oct. 7 College housing closes for fall break at 9:30 p.m. (Must register to stay later than 9:30 p.m.)
Oct. 8 College housing closes (All students must depart by 10 a.m.)
Oct. 8-10 College housing closed
Oct. 11 College housing opens at 10 a.m.

Registering to Stay on Campus

  • In order to stay on campus for part or all of Fall Break, you must complete the late stay form on MyLC by the deadline. (Once you log in, click the “residential” link on the left, then the “Arrival form” tab.)
  • If you are staying the whole break, which you are permitted to do, just indicate that on the Arrival form above.
  • If you are a member of an athletic team or other group that is required to stay on campus, your coach, or advisor will be make a “Bucket List” for you. Please make sure that your coach or advisor includes you on their list(s).
  • Fall Break closing is not a valid reason to miss class. If you have class on the night the residence halls are closing, you simply need to complete the Arrival form above to get approved.
  • Residents found in the halls without registering will be assessed a $75 fine.

Fall Break Checklist

  • Unplug all your appliances except your refrigerator and aquarium
  • Empty your trash cans
  • Close and lock your windows and put your blinds down
  • Turn off your lights
  • Turn off the heater/ac unit
  • Secure all personal belongings
  • Close and lock your door