LC Express Account

If you need additional guest meals for the dining hall or desire snacks from Westover, the LC Express Account is a great way to supplement a resident meal plan.

It is also an ideal stand-alone option for non-resident students, faculty, or staff.

LC Express Account

  • Declining balance account
  • Deposits in any amount, any time
  • Full refund if not used
  • Balance transfers from one semester to the next
  • Monitor your account and add funds as needed
  • Can be used to supplement your meal plan
  • Valid in the Dining Room, Westover Room, Brewed Awakenings, Domino’s and On Common Ground
  • 75¢ discount on meals in the Dining Room
  • Can be used for guest meals

For questions or more information, please contact the Student Account/Cashier’s Office:

Tonya Huslak, or 434.544.8217
Robin Smith, or 434.544.8213