Meal Plans for 2015-16

Students in Residence Halls

  • Unlimited guest meals with the 224, 256, and 304 meal plans! (Please note that each guest meal will count as one of your plan meals.)
  • Note to returning students: You will automatically have the same meal plan as last year if you did not select a different plan for this fall.

The College offers 5 meal plans for students living in one of the residence halls:

Each plan includes $100 LC Express dollars.

Plan details:

  • All meal plans are “block” or “semester” plans and are non-refundable if not used within the semester
  • Meal counts do not reset at the beginning of each week, and students are not limited to a certain number of meals in a given week
  • Parents are notified at mid-semester if their student has consumed more than half of the meals, at which time a change can be made to the meal plan
  • The Burton dining hall, which provides unlimited servings, is open for 5 meals a day, Monday-Friday; brunch, late lunch, and dinner on weekends
  • Grab ‘N Go option is available at the Hornet Shop in Hopwood Hall

Special Plan Features

Westover Room meal exchange:

The Westover Room is a separate grill/fast food facility. Students may use a certain number of their meal plan meals at the Westover Room instead of the dining hall.

A selected menu is available for meal exchanges, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Provided in the dining room with resident student plans:

  • Theme meals
  • Guest meal privileges
  • Exam snack pack
  • Exam late night breakfast
  • Unlimited servings
  • Brunch on weekends

Students in Townhomes, Peaksview, Courts, and College Houses

Eligible students can select either a $500 or $750 Hornet Plan. Both plans are declining balance accounts that can be used for food at any of the dining locations on campus. If you select a Hornet Plan, you can direct $100 to your debit bank account for use at merchants off campus by going to

Students Living Off-Campus

Students living off campus may choose any of the resident meal plans, or:

An LC Express Account can also be used to supplement a student’s meal plan, or as a stand-alone meal plan for non-resident students.