Textbooks & Course Materials

Where to Find Textbook information

You can find textbook information at http://lconline.lynchburg.edu/courseofferings/. Choose a term, a department, then click Search Course Offerings. Click the book icon for textbook information. Information regarding the class course material will appear. This information may change, so check back prior to the beginning of class. Purchases made thru MyLC will be refunded or exchanged should any change in section or faculty occur. Once you have been given your campus network log in and password, you may view and order textbooks thru MyLC.

When to Buy

Visit MyLC and order your textbooks by clicking “Buy Textbooks” on the left menu bar as early as 5 weeks before classes meet. Place your order no later than 2 weeks before classes start so that you can pick up your order when you return to campus. Pick up dates and locations will be emailed on your order confirmation.

How to Buy Textbooks for Class

To see the materials needed for your classes, you must be registered for classes and if you are a new student, you must have attended SOAR.

  1. Log in to mylc.lynchburg.edu with your LC network username and password.
  2. Click Buy Textbooks on the left menu bar. Select the semester of textbooks you would like to see and/or purchase.
  3. You will see your course schedule and corresponding textbook information whether it is required, whether new and used are available, and the cost and quantity in stock. Caution: items listed are subject to change.
  4. If you would like to purchase, indicate the quantity and add to cart.
  5. At check-out, read the terms of agreement at the bottom of the page first, then return by pressing the back browser key and complete all information. The address should be the billing address. You will receive an order confirmation at the email address you provide.
  6. If you did not see a used book available, note in the instruction box that you would like to purchase used textbooks as available. The Campus Store will substitute and charge the used price as available (the Campus Store may receive used books after you have placed your order). Please note if there are any books that you would prefer to purchase new.

Why Buy from the Campus Store?

Any changes by the professor will be easily handled for you, including refunds and exchanges.

If you change sections, your books will change. The Campus Store can easily refund and exchange books.

You don’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong edition or receiving your books in time for class.

You are supporting the College; all funds return to the College to pay for academic, athletic, and organizational groups.

Textbook Rental Option

A new textbook rental program will be introduced this fall. More information will appear as it becomes available. As with any rental program, be sure to check our used book prices as some are cheaper than the rental price of a new or used book. Be sure to return the book at the end of the semester or you will be charged the full price of the textbook.

Used Textbooks

If professors allow used books, and used books are available we will do our best to fill your MyLC order with used books. Please indicate on your MyLC order that you want used books and if it is ok to substitute new books when used books are not availabe. Textbook orders are filled on a first come first serve bases so get your order in early so you get used books first!


A copy of the refund policy will be attached to your sales receipt at the time of purchase. Your sales receipt is required for a refund.

Refunds are made in the manner purchased. New course materials must be unmarked and in original shrink-wrap. Used books have an earlier refund deadline (first week of class) than the new books refund deadline (third week of class).

The Lynchburg College Campus Store will not make exchanges, refunds, or any compensation for books mistakenly purchased from any other source utilizing the information provided online. This information is correct as we know it at the time it is posted. Changes, modifications and additions to course number, section, ISBN or price may be made at any time up to and including the first few weeks of the session.

Textbook Buy Back

You may sell your used books back during the special buy-back events at the end and beginning of each semester.

If you sell books you purchased from the Campus Store, you will be given more $$ when you sell and you will be given a chance to free books. This is our way of thanking you for buying at the Campus Store and supporting the College.