Vehicle Registration


  1. All non-resident (commuting) freshmen and all sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students are eligible to register motor vehicles for use on campus. Registration options include a one-day permit, a temporary permit valid for two to 30 days, and an annual permit.
  2. All faculty and staff are eligible to register motor vehicles for use on campus. To add, view, or edit your vehicles, visit
  3. Resident freshmen desiring “special permission” parking privileges must receive approval from the director of Campus Safety and Security. A letter of need from a parent or legal guardian and a confirmation letter from an employer or attending physician must accompany the request.


  1. All vehicles driven and parked on campus by any student, faculty, or staff member must be insured, have valid state license and inspection tags, be registered with Campus Safety and Security, and bear a valid Lynchburg College parking decal. LC decals may be obtained during fall semester check-in periods, and at other times, at the Campus Information Desk, located on the first floor of Hall Campus Center.
  2. The following documents are required at the time of vehicle registration:
    • current state vehicle registration card;
    • valid operator’s license; and
    • valid proof of insurance.

    Registration will be delayed if any of these required items is not presented.

  3. Registration fees are:
    • $50 annual registration for full-time non-resident (commuting) freshmen and all sophomores, juniors, seniors
    • $20 annual registration for part-time and graduate students
    • $10 registration for commuting, part-time, and graduate students registering a second vehicle
    • $20 temporary registration (2-30 days) for full-time non-resident (commuting) freshmen and all sophomores, juniors, seniors
    • $250 per semester or $500 annual registration for “special permission” parking for resident freshmen.
  4. A student may not register a vehicle owned by another student or for the use of another student. Adjudication of violations of this regulation or any other shall be left to the discretion of the appropriate judicial body.
  5. By completing vehicle registration, the vehicle owner indicates that he/she has read and understood the Lynchburg College Traffic Code. Failure to comply with the Lynchburg College Traffic Code and any posted vehicle regulations will result in issuance of a citation.
  6. Parking decals are to be placed on the left bottom exterior corner of the vehicle’s rear glass. For vehicles such as pick-up trucks, Jeeps (soft top), convertibles, and vehicles with dark-tinted windows, decals should be placed in a location visible to Campus Safety and Security officers. Most state codes prohibit the application of a decal to the front windshield other than state inspection or city/county decals. Individuals concerned about proper placement of a Lynchburg College parking decal should contact Campus Safety and Security for advice.
  7. If a registered vehicle is sold or traded for another vehicle, the original Lynchburg College decal needs to be removed and presented to the Campus Information Desk. The replacement vehicle will be registered and a new decal issued for a $1 fee.
  8. Each registered vehicle owner/operator is responsible for maintaining proper insurance coverage to protect his/her vehicle from damage such as vandalism, theft, and acts of nature. Lynchburg College is not responsible for such acts that may occur while a vehicle is driven or parked on Lynchburg College property.