Traffic and Parking Regulations

Parking Area Designations

All parking areas on campus are designated for use by specific constituents; these designations are indicated by color-coded parking lines and decal type:

Line Color Parking Designation
White Student*/Special Event
Yellow Faculty/Staff/Visitor/Special Event
Blue Handicapped
Green Reserved 24/7 for College Vehicles/Visitor
*Student parking designations are further specified by decal type:
Decal Type Parking Designation
Commuter  Student spaces in lot’s designated as “Commuter” or “Open”.
Resident Student spaces outside residence halls and Academic buildings
Southside Student spaces designated for one’s assigned College house, Courts apartment, or town house
Freshman Limited 24/7 to parking in a designated “special permission” lot

Parking Regulations

  1. All faculty/staff spaces designated by yellow lines are reserved from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. At other times (i.e., 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and throughout Saturday and Sunday), faculty/staff spaces designated by yellow lines are available for use by students (except those with Freshman decals) and visitors, unless indicated otherwise (e.g., by traffic cone).
  2. If a vehicle is parked in a space other than its assigned area, the vehicle registrant will be cited for parking in an undesignated space.
  3. All campus parking spaces indicated by blue lines are reserved for individuals who have received handicapped parking privileges through their local Division of Motor Vehicles or state agency.Individuals desiring on-campus parking accommodation for a short-term, temporary handicap may request permission from Campus Safety and Security to park in faculty, staff, or student spaces as convenient. (Approval of a request does not permit parking in spaces designated in blue for handicapped drivers.) A mirror tag provided for approved short-term requests must be displayed while the vehicle is parked on campus.
  4. The College reserves the right to change or otherwise restrict parking designations and traffic patterns as conditions warrant. Parking where orange-, yellow-, or lime-colored cones have been placed will result in a parking citation.
  5. Lack of convenient parking and lack of space in any particular area on campus do not excuse violation of the Lynchburg College Traffic Code.
  6. The campus-wide speed limit is 15 MPH, and drivers must yield to all pedestrian traffic.
  7. Failure to stop as directed by a campus security officer or other College official, failure to drive on the proper side of the gate house, and driving in a reckless manner (including speeding) will result in issuance of a citation. Also, an incident report will be written for review by the appropriate judicial body. Adjudication of violations of the Lynchburg College Traffic Code may result in loss of privileges to use a vehicle on campus.
  8. Any student receiving an excessive number of parking citations is subject to loss of his/her on-campus parking privileges.
  9. Wheel locks may be used at the discretion of the College for repeat offenses of the Lynchburg College Traffic Code. Lynchburg College is not responsible for damage resulting from installation of a wheel lock, which will not be removed until all fines are properly paid.All vehicles will be subject to tow at the owner’s expense, after the receipt of four citations or more.Lynchburg College is not responsible for any damage resulting from towing and/or storage of the vehicle. All towed vehicles will be held in the Bee Line Towing, Inc. impound lot located at 155 Airpark Dr., Lynchburg, Va 24502. Bee Line can be reached at 434.239.5386.
  10. All vehicle accidents occurring on campus are required to be reported immediately to Campus Safety and Security. An incident report will be filed. Failure to provide accurate information regarding an accident may violate state and local laws, as well as College policies.

Parking and Traffic Fines

Unauthorized parking in areas designated for fire lanes and for handicapped parking results in the following fines:

  1. *Fire Lane – $100 each offense
  2. *Handicapped Space – $100-$500 each offense

All fines for the parking and traffic violations listed below are $50 per each offense:

  1. Unregistered vehicle
  2. Parking in a faculty/staff space
  3. Parking in a student space
  4. Parking in a visitor’s space
  5. Parking in a 24-hour reserved space (indicated by green lines)
  6. Parking in a reserved space – Coned off
  7. Parking in a loading zone
  8. *Parking in an undesignated space
  9. *Parking on the grass
  10. *Blocking driveway/roadway
  11. *Overtime parking
  12. *Expired temporary tag
  13. *Improperly displayed LC parking decal
  14. *Reckless Driving
  15. *Speeding/ exceeding the posted Campus Wide Speed Limit (15 MPH)
  16. *Failure to stop at a stop sign

*Enforceable by Campus Safety and Security officers, other designated college staff and local/state law enforcement officers.

Payment of Fines

  1. All parking and traffic fines will be billed automatically to faculty, staff, and student accounts. Payments may be made at the Cashier’s Office, located on the fourth floor of Hall Campus Center, during regular business hours or mailed along with the monthly bill.
  2. Anyone wishing to appeal a parking citation must obtain an appeal form from the Campus Information Desk, located on the first floor of Hall Campus Center. All appeals must be completed and returned to the Campus Information Desk within 72 hours of the date and time the citation was issued. Appeals received after 72 hours will not be considered. If a fine is reduced or dismissed upon appeal, the amount will be adjusted accordingly on the appropriate faculty, staff, or student account.