Security Bicycle Patrol

campus-safety-bicyclesThe bicycle patrol unit (active as of May 11, 2012) is made up of five members of the Campus Safety Department. The unit uses two fully-equipped white Trek police edition mountain bikes labeled with “Security” on the crossbar.

All officers are uniformed, highly visible, and wearing helmets. They have received specialized training in a variety of areas including effective cycling and advanced riding techniques.

We have added the bicycle patrol as an effective means of increased security presence. The unit will have better response times than foot patrol and should prove to be more versatile.

The bicycle patrol offers immense benefits in terms of economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and positive public contact. Our goal is to increase the sense of security by allowing our security officers to be more accessible and to build a positive rapport within the community. Having our officers on bikes makes them much more approachable than if they were in the traditional marked security vehicles.