Crisis Management

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) at Lynchburg College is made up of 51 individuals representing the major areas and functions of the College.Seventeen of those individuals make up the “First Team” and serve as the primary responders in a crisis.In addition, the CMT has a “Second Team” and a “Third Team”in the event that a First Team member cannot respond to the crisis at hand.These 51 CMT members are trained in CMT policies and protocols.Each year they are all certified at the 100 level of the Incident Command System (ICS) under the National Incident Management System (NIMS).At least two times a year the CMT conducts training exercises and table top exercises to test emergency systems and review protocols.The College and the CMT enjoy a strong relationship with city, county, and state agencies.The Lynchburg Police Department and Lynchburg Fire and Rescue have conducted numerous exercises and inspections of our facilities and, as a result, are both very familiar with CMT members and the College’s physical environment.

Lynchburg College utilizes the Campus Emergency Alert System (CEAS).The CEAS is activated in the event of a crisis.It includes a siren as well as a voice modulation system that will announce to the campus community the nature of the emergency and provide basic instructions.When the CEAS is activated, the CMT First Team is paged and given instruction on where to assemble.A campus e-mail is then sent out immediately giving additional information about the nature of the crisis and specific instructions related to safety.(We encourage students to forward this initial e-mail and all others sent to them to their parents and/or family members.)CMT members will then begin to manage the crisis, typically within the principles of ICS.The CMT will attempt to update the campus community at least every 15 minutes during a crisis.Additional information will be shared with external constituents (i.e. parents, friends, alumni, the media) as dictated by the Incident Commander.

Our basic goal in any crisis situation is to protect College community members, to effectively manage the crisis in conjunction with local emergency officials, and to communicate clearly to all our constituents in a timely fashion.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Bob Driskill, director of campus safety and security, and John Eccles, vice president and dean for student development.