Use of Roller Blades, Bicycles, and Other Recreational Equipment

The use of roller blades and bicycles is allowed at Lynchburg College. Both must be used outdoors, and users must always yield to pedestrians. Roller blades and bikes may not be used in any building or on any outside steps. An individual who engages in use of roller blades or bikes and is judged by College officials or others to be dangerous may be charged with violation of the Student Conduct Code, including “Dangerous Practice.” Likewise, if any property damage occurs as a result of roller blade or bike use, the individual in violation may be charged with “Property Damage,” along with other possible sanctions, and may be made to pay restitution. Depending on the severity of the misconduct, other charges may be warranted as well.

Use of wheeled recreational vehicles, other than roller blades and bicycles, is prohibited on campus. Use of skateboards, longboards, and the like is not permitted on campus at any time.

Slip 'n slides, whether purchased or made, and similar water amusements are prohibited on campus. Pools are also prohibited on campus, except as approved by the Office of Residence Life for use outside College houses.