Sanctions for B-level Violations

Sanctions for B-level infractions other than those related to alcohol are administered according to the following minimum guidelines. If a single incident involves more than one policy infraction, the adjudicator decides whether to sanction the incident as one violation or as multiple violations.

1st B-level violation: Written warning

2nd B-level violation: Option to complete 10 hours of community service as assigned or to pay a $50 fine

3rd B-level violation:

  1. Completion of 15 hours of community service
  2. Payment of a $75 fine

4th B-level violation:

  1. Completion of 25 hours of community service
  2. Payment of a $100 fine

5th B-level violation:

  1. Add 20 hours of community service for each additional B-level infraction beyond the fourth. For example, a fifth B-level violation receives 45 service hours, a sixth B-level violation receives a minimum of 65 service hours, etc.
  2. Disciplinary probation

Alcohol-related Infractions

Additional educational sanctions are imposed for B-level alcohol-related infractions, accompanying other sanctions issued in accordance with B-level sanctioning guidelines.

Parents of dependent undergraduates under age 21 are contacted after the student is found responsible for a second alcohol-related violation and after every subsequent alcohol violation until the student reaches 21 years of age.

Minimum sanctioning guidelines for alcohol-related violations are:

1st alcohol related violation:

  1. Appropriate B-level sanction(s)
  2. Required attendance at an educational session or equivalent
  3. $50 fine to support the cost of alcohol education

2nd alcohol related violation:

  1. Completion of appropriate B-level community service hours
  2. Payment of appropriate B-level fine
  3. Participation in an alcohol education seminar or activity
  4. Alcohol probation for one year

3rd alcohol related violation:

  1. A student's third or subsequent alleged alcohol-related violation is typically referred to the appropriate judicial board for adjudication.
  2. If found responsible for a violation of probationary status, the standard sanction is suspension. However, mitigating and aggravating circumstances may affect the sanctions imposed, resulting in expulsion for more serious circumstances and in lesser sanctions for less serious circumstances.
  3. In all cases, if suspension is not imposed, sanction will include at a minimum:
    • Disciplinary probation
    • Completion of a substance abuse assessment conducted by a professional counselor and adherence to all recommendations of the counselor
    • Completion of 50 hours of community service