Notification of Parents Concerning Student Discipline

Provided that an undergraduate student has supplied the College with necessary information about dependency, the parent (or legal guardian) of a dependent undergraduate student is usually contacted by the Office of the Dean of Students concerning disciplinary matters involving the following circumstances: 

  1. Probationary status, indicating that a subsequent infraction will likely result in suspension or expulsion from the College;
  2. Suspension or expulsion from the College; and/or
  3. A second or subsequent alcohol-related violation committed by a student under age 21.

Parental notification is intended to involve the larger network of persons concerned about the student, his/her behavior, and his/her handling of sanctions.

A dependent sophomore, junior, or senior student may submit a written request that no parental notification be made, specifying extenuating circumstances that he/she believes warrant deviation from typical parental notification practices. Such requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Notification concerning student discipline is not provided to parents of graduate students.