Freedom and Order on the Campus

Traditionally, Lynchburg College has maintained an orderly atmosphere in which both the educational program and peaceful, non-coercive dissent are possible. Through long-standing policies and practice, the College has rejected violence as a means of promoting a point of view. Persons who violate these policies cannot be retained as members of this Lynchburg College community.

Faculty members have the responsibility and the authority to maintain order in the classroom and may ask students to leave the classroom if necessary to maintain order. Students are expected to be familiar with the Behavioral Standards for Learning Environments policy published in the undergraduate catalogue.

Both in and out of the classroom, the College expects students to dress and conduct themselves in ways that are reasonable and appropriate for this community. Particularly, it expects attention to appropriate dress and demeanor in settings such as the dining hall, the library, classrooms, and campus-wide events including plays, concerts, lectures, and chapel services. It is obligatory that, in addition to the nature of the setting and event in which one is directly participating, proximity to other settings, events, or “public” areas be considered in determining the appropriateness of dress. For example, the center circle and dell area of the campus are used daily by almost every member of the College community and also by guests.