Termination of Employment

Student Resignation

Students may choose to resign for academic, extra-curricular or personal reasons.

If you wish to resign, you should notify your supervisor and the Student Employment Coordinator of your intentions to resign. When possible, you should provide your supervisor two weeks' notice to allow time to find a replacement.

Supervisor Request

Supervisors may request termination of a student employee.

The termination may be the result of, but not limited to, poor job performance, excessive absenteeism, or falsifying information. Termination should be requested as a last resort. The supervisor should speak with the student employee about ways of improving inappropriate behavior before termination is requested. See: Disciplinary Procedures

Student Employment Coordinator

The Student Employment Coordinator may terminate a student's employment.

Students who have reached or exceeded their work award for the academic year will be terminated. Also, students whose enrollment or academic status drops below the required standards will be terminated from student employment. Students and supervisors will be notified of this action.