Partnership FAQs

Lynchburg College is developing plans for offering certain educational program on-site in St. Lucia. The information below provides an overview of our current considerations. These questions and answers will be updated periodically as further information is available.

Has Lynchburg College been working in St. Lucia in the past?

The College has been involved in a number of partnership activities in St. Lucia. These have included, but are not limited, to the following:  a baccalaureate program in special education, a Master’s level program in counseling, specialized courses for educational administrators, parents, teachers, and counselors, a special tuition scholarship rate for St. Lucia citizens studying in Virginia at Lynchburg College, and participation in the development of several national assessment and policy documents and procedures.

When did the partnership between St. Lucia and Lynchburg College begin?

We offered our first educational programs in St. Lucia in 2003. Our previous programs were offered in various locations in St. Lucia rather than through the establishment of our own campus setting in St. Lucia.

When do you anticipate beginning to offer full academic program sequences?

We will have initial course offerings in May 2014.

Will there be bachelor's-level courses offered?

Our initial focus will be on opportunities for bachelor’s degree completion; that is, individuals who have already completed approximately two years of academic work such as at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College will have an opportunity to complete the additional two years of study required for a Lynchburg College bachelor’s degree. We are considering offering a program in special education with an optional minor in elementary education. Later we will consider mathematics education, and international relations/political science, as well as other options.

Will there be graduate programs offered?

We will offer two Master’s level programs beginning in May 2014 in special education and educational leadership. Other programs will be considered at a later date.

Is there a way that I can express interest in particular undergraduate or graduate programs?

Please email us at to identify areas of interest or to ask specific questions or contact Wendy Bailey, program director, with questions at  758-720-4242 or

To apply, go to

How will the classes be taught?

Most courses will be taught in a model of approximately one month per course: two weeks of face-to-face instruction (typically in evenings, such as Mondays-Thursdays 5 - 9 p.m.) preceded by and followed by a week of assignments that will be done on-line. In this fashion each class can be completed in about 4-5 weeks.

Where will the College campus be located?

We are located in the Hasache Building on the Morne. This location will have classroom and office space; we do not plan to offer residential opportunities at this time.

What is Lynchburg College's institutional status?

Lynchburg College is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Colleges, the regional accrediting organization for institutions throughout the southeastern portion of the United States (and also for a number of international colleges and universities).

What are possibilities for St. Lucia students who wish to study at the Lynchburg College campus in Virginia?

  1. There are several considerations:Lynchburg College offers forty bachelor’s programs (majors) and fifteen graduate programs.
  2. The curriculum at our Virginia campus is far more extensive than we will be able to offer at to our St. Lucia site.
  3. Specific information about program offerings can be obtained by going to the college website ( and linking into information about undergraduate or graduate programs. To apply, go to
  4. Also at this site is extensive information about application procedures. Please make sure that you are using the correct application: the freshman application if you have no prior college academic work, the transfer application if you have completed prior college work and are looking to come in midway through the baccalaureate program, or the graduate application if you are seeking a Master’s degree and have already completed the baccalaureate degree.
  5. St. Lucia citizens are provided with a special tuition rate for study at our Lynchburg College Virginia campus for our BA/BS, MA, MEd, MSN, and EdD. programs.

Updated 3/14