The Disciples Connection

Maggie May

"Without Disciples on Campus, I would not be the person or student that I am today. Every time I think of my church family, my fellow DOC members always come to mind; they constantly love and support me and encourage me to continually strive to be a better me."

Maggie May '12

In Our History

Lynchburg College's faith foundation has been firmly in place since its founding in 1903 as Virginia Christian College. In fact, it was the support of Disciples of Christ ministers and businessmen that gave the College its start.

Our founder, Dr. Josephus Hopwood, believed that the connection between faith and reason is a fundamental principle for higher education - a tradition that is still very much alive on the LC campus.

The special relationship between the College and the Christian Church is based on shared humanitarian, moral, cultural, educational, and spiritual values.

Disciples Students

Lynchburg College is a great place for Disciples of Christ students. Not only are there "kindred spirits" in the Disciples on Campus (DOC) group, but there is a welcoming and cooperative atmosphere here among all students. Many other Christian denominations are represented, as well as non-Christian faiths.

If you would like to get connected with a local church, there are also several Disciples churches in the Lynchburg area.

Special scholarships are available to Disciples students through the denomination: Higher Education and Leadership Ministries (HELM), and the Phillips University Legacy Foundation. If you have been active in your home church during high school, or if your parent is a member of the clergy, you may be eligible for Disciples-specific aid directly from the College. Contact Chaplain Stephanie McLemore for more information.

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