Courses for the Minor

The Special Education minor is not a licensure track minor and cannot be finished in one year.

Core courses:

  • SPED 213 Introduction to Special Education
  • SPED 234 Characteristics of Developmental Disabilities (prerequisite: SPED 213)
  • SPED 334 Characteristics of Learning and Related Disabilities (prerequisite: SPED 213)

Choose 2 of the following: 

Depending on your career goals, you may prefer to take a particular pair - speak with your advisor for help.

  • PSYC 212 Introduction to Behavior Modification
  • SPED 331 Program Design in Special Education (prerequisites: EDUC 211, SPED 213)
  • SPED 336 Collaboration with Families, Educators, and Related Service Providers (prerequisites: EDUC 101, 201, 202, SPED 213, PSYC 241)