Teaching an LCSR Course

LCSR courses meet the following requirements:

  1. The course must include both writing and speaking activities associated with the LCSR readings.
  2. The LCSR assignments must account for at least 20 percent of the final grade, excluding the exam.
  3. Most proposals have at least three LCSR readings. Please note that faculty have the option to substitute one-third of the LCSR readings with material which they see as texts of classical or modern significance. Experience has taught us that this is easy to do as most of the substitutes are obvious choices. Also, there is no difficulty if a faculty member chooses a reading but wants a different passage other than the one in the LCSR readings. Once the work is included, any part is acceptable.
  4. All faculty teaching LCSR courses are required to attend the pre-service workshop and are expected to attend the LCSR in-service programs.

Proposal forms for teaching LCSR courses are available here or from the director of the program. Only faculty who have taken LCSR training are eligible to submit course proposals. Proposals are accepted every semester. Interested faculty should check with the director for submission details.

Training in LCSR pedagogies is available every spring at the LCSR workshop, offered on campus during the first or second week following graduation. Faculty who take the workshop are eligible for stipends for the workshop and then for teaching their first two LCSR courses. Check with the director for details.

LCSR in-service programs (usually three per semester) are set at the beginning of each semester, usually for lunch or dinner meetings at a campus location. Attendees are guests of the LCSR program.

LCSR Program Director
Dr. David Freier

LCSR Assistant Director
Professor Nina Salmon

Steering Committee
Dr. Lesley Friedman (Philosophy)
Dr. Katherine Gray (English)
Dr. Maria Nathan (Business)
Dr. Elizabeth Farnsworth (Education & Human Developement)
Professor Marleen DeLauder (Nursing)
Dr. Will Briggs (Computer Science)
Dr. Delane Karalow (Art)