Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Book Publications

Note: books available on Amazon are linked accordingly.

Criminology/Sociology Faculty

Dr. Kimberly McCabe
Dr. Gabe Santos
  • Redeeming the Broken Body: Church and State After Disasters, Cascade Books (2009)

English Faculty

Dr. Robin Bates
Dr. Casey Clabough
Dr. Laura Long
Professor Laura Marello
  • Maniac Drifter, Guernica Editions, Toronto/New York (Forthcoming 2016)
  • The Gender of Inanimate Objects and Other Stories, Tailwinds Press, New York (Forthcoming 2015)
  • The Tenants of The Hotel Biron, Guernica Editions, Toronto/New York (2012)
  • Claiming Kin, Guernica Editions, Toronto/New York (2010)
Professor Nina Salmon
Dr. Elza Tiner (also teaches Latin)
Professor Allison Wilkins
  • Girl Who, WordTech Communications (2014)

History Faculty

Dr. Scott Amos (also teaches Religious Studies)
Dr. Brian Crim
Dr. Adam Dean
Dr. Lindsay Michie
Dr. Clifton Potter
Dr. Dorothy Potter
Dr. Nichole Sanders
Dr. Michael Santos

Modern & Classical Language Faculty

Dr. Georg Schwarzmann (German & Spanish)
Dr. Tammy Hertel (Spanish)
  • Relaciónate: Comunicación avanzada (with Stasie Harrington), Heinle Cengage Learning (2012)
  • El cine documental: Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture through Documentary Film (under contract, with Stasie Harrington)
Dr. Eunice Rojas (Spanish)

International Relations/Political Science Faculty

Dr. Ed DeClair
Dr. Joseph Freeman
Dr. Daniel Lang
Dr. Sabita Manian

Philosophy Faculty

Dr. Thomas Brickhouse

Religious Studies Faculty

Dr. Amy Merrill Willis