Sydnor Professorship for Teaching Excellence in Business

Alina Klein with Joe Turek
2014 Award winner Dr. Alina Klein and Dean Joe Turek

The Sydnor Professorship for Teaching Excellence in Business is awarded yearly to a SOBE professor who has demonstrated a dedication to classroom excellence, a commitment to advising students, and effectiveness in business and economics instruction.

Nominations are submitted by students and evaluated by a faculty committee of past award winners.

The C. Raine Sydnor Sr. Endowment in the School of Business and Economics was established by the generosity of friends and family members of Mr. C. Raine Sydnor. 

Mr. C. Raine Sydnor, Sr.

Mr. Sydnor, a distinguished alumnus, was a founder of the College's Board of Overseers on which he served from 1965 until his death in 1983. He received the T. Gibson Hobbs Memorial Award in 1961 for his contributions to the church, the community, and to Lynchburg College.

Mr. Sydnor was a leader in Westminster Presbyterian Church and actively supported numerous civic projects. As president of James A. Scott Insurance in Lynchburg, he led the company to a position of prominence as one of the most respected businesses in the South.

Recipients of the Sydnor Professorship for Teaching Excellence in Business

1989 Dr. R. Kendall North
1990 Professor Marie Winks
1991 Professor Thomas O. Murray, Jr.
1992 Professor Gerald Rosson
1994 Dr. Neely S. Inlow
1995 Professor Donald W. Johnson
1996 Professor Thomas V. D. Lee
1997 Professor Thomas O. Murray, Jr.
1998 Dr. Dan C. Messerschmidt
1999 Dr. Keith C. Jones
2000 Dr. Atul Gupta
2001 Dr. Neely S. Inlow 

2002 Professor Nancy Schneider
2003 Dr. Sally Selden
2004 Dr. Atul Gupta
2005 Dr. Joseph Prinzinger
2006 Mr. Michael Schnur
2007 Dr. David S. Murphy
2008 Professor Nancy Schneider
2009 Dr. Dan Messerschmidt
2010 Dr. Sally Selden
2011 Dr. Stefan Nicovich
2012 Dr. Eric Kyper
2013 Mr. Michael Schnur
2014 Dr. Alina Klein