Zaidee Creel Williams Lectureship

Zaidee Creel WilliamsZaidee Creel Williams '24 was a lifelong educator. Following her death in 1987, her nephew, Austin B. Creel, and other family members decided to honor her memory by endowing a lectureship in the area of religious studies.

Since the inaugural lecture in 1989, the Zaidee Creel Williams Lectureship has enabled the Department of Religious Studies to bring exciting, dynamic scholars in the field of religious studies to the College, enriching the intellectual life not only of the campus but the community at large.

2011 Lecture: Dr. Stephen Prothero

The 2011 Zaidee Creel Williams Lecturer was Dr. Stephen Prothero of Boston University, a prolific writer and lecturer specializing in American religious history.


Recent Zaidee Creel Williams Lecturers

2013 Dr. Vasudha Narayanan "From Angkor to Atlanta: Architecture and Performance in Global Hindu Traditions"

2011 Stephen Prothero "Fostering Religious Literacy after 9/11 and Revolution 2.0"

2008 Carlos M.N. Eire "Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever: Life at the End of Eternity"

2006 Amina Wadud "Inside the Gender Jihad"

2004 Ed Curtis "An American Jihad: Muslim Life in the United States"

2002 David Bartlett "Living by the Sword - Dying by the Sword: Biblical Perspectives on Violence"