Study or Graduate Out of Residence

Out-of-Residence Study

If you wish to take classes at another college or university, (but do not intend to transfer to that institution) you must first complete and return the out-of-residence permission form to the Registrar's Office.

Approval of the out-of-residence study must be obtained from the dean of the School offering the major toward which the out-of-residence course is to apply or by the associate dean of the College if the course will apply to general education or elective requirements.

Credit will not be allowed for courses with a grade below "C." Out-of-residence course work does not affect academic probation.

Upon completion of courses taken out-of-residence, you must have the official transcript sent directly to the Registrar's Office at Lynchburg College. 48 hours applying toward a degree must be completed at Lynchburg College, and 50% of all major or minor hours must be completed at Lynchburg College.

Courses offered at Lynchburg College are not approved for out-of-residence study during the same term at any other institution.

Out-of-Residence Graduation

In general, all degree candidates must spend their senior year as regular students at Lynchburg College.

However, if you will complete your fourth year in professional school or have a special reason for requesting out-of-residence graduation, you may apply to be excused from the requirement.

There is a $100 out-of-residence graduation fee.

Completion of the out-of-residence graduation permission form is required in advance.