Faculty and Staff

Stephanie A. Beckner '90, '92 MEd
Psychology Lab Instructor, Psychology Internship Coordinator 

Ms. Beckner has been a member of the Lynchburg College community since 1988. Her interest is in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. She has worked as an addiction counselor and worked with homeless men in recovery at a local transitional living facility. Ms. Beckner recently passed her board certification examination and is now a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in Virginia. She is currently teaching introductory psychology class and labs.

Keith Corodimas, PhD

Dr. Corodimas (PhD, Rutgers University, 1992) came to Lynchburg College in 1998. His general area of expertise is in physiological psychology/behavioral neuroscience and his research involves investigating the brain regions and neural pathways that underlie emotional learning and emotional memory processes.

Virginia A. Cylke, PhD

Dr. Cylke received her PhD in psychology in 2003 from University of Maine, Orono. Her research program focuses on intergroup relations, prejudice, stereotyping, and social conflict. She is particularly interested in the association between stereotyping and behavior, with specific emphasis on ethnic and gender stereotyping as it relates to language use. Before joining the psychology faculty at Lynchburg College, she was a visiting assistant professor at Sweet Briar College.

Domenica Favero, PsyD, LCP
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Favero (VCPCP, 2002) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in Child and Adolescent Psychology. She joined the faculty at Lynchburg College in 2011 after practicing in the Lynchburg area for several years. Her research interests include exploring personality traits and psychological adjustment factors in children and adolescents, as well as the study of abnormal behavior and psychotherapy.

Alisha R. Walker Marciano, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Marciano has a PhD in developmental psychology from Penn State University. Her research has examined various aspects of child and adolescent peer interactions. Specifically, she is interested in studying friendship jealousy, peer victimization, popularity, physical and relational aggression, and cyber-harassment. She taught at Sacred Heart University before joining the psychology faculty at Lynchburg College in 2006.

Beth Marsh '00, '04 MEd
Psychology Lab Instructor 

Ms. Marsh has been a member of the Lynchburg College community since 1990. She joined the Psychology Department as a lab instructor in 2004. In addition to work in student services, she has served as a counselor for at-risk youth and adults suffering from serious mental illness. She currently holds a license in school counseling for the state of Virginia. Her interest lies in the area of developmental psychology.

Stephen D. Southall, PhD
Profesor of Psychology 

Dr. Southall (PhD, University of Virginia, 1973) became a member of the faculty in 1974. His expertise is in cognitive psychology, particularly memory and sensation/perception.

Irene Sterne
Administrative Assistant 

Ms. Sterne, administrative assistant, joined the department in 2010. She provides for the day to day operation of the department. Email Irene at sterne@lynchburg.edu.

Bianca M. Sumutka, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology 

Dr. Sumutka (PhD, Penn State University, 2003) joined the faculty of the Department of Psychology in 2005. Her general area of expertise is in cognitive psychology. Her research interests include differences in processing across languages and the development of literacy skills in the native and second language for both children and adults.

Donald W. Werner, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair

Dr. Werner (PhD, Michigan State University, 1977) joined the faculty of the Department of Psychology in 1981. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and is the current chair of the Psychology Program. He also serves as a consultant to the College's Counseling Center. His interests include the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, psychotherapy, personality theory, and psychological testing. 

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