A Message from Dr. Garren

Greetings and welcome to Lynchburg College.

This is a very special campus, a place where students experience rich academic and service opportunities that take them around the world and throughout the region.

It's a place where our young people see faculty and staff as friends as well as teachers, mentors, and leaders... a place where athletics - varsity and intramural - play an important role in the development of our youth.

Our liberal arts and sciences curriculum and professional programs promote critical thinking skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, a diverse view of society, and respect for others. It is a curriculum that embraces experiential learning through internships, service to community, study abroad, and leadership opportunities in more than 100 clubs and organizations.

We also have a core institutional value of sustainability and are therefore committed to educating our community on the obligation of promoting and modeling a sustainable environment. We are investing in nearly 2 dozen campus-wide green initiatives at a cost of approximately 5 million dollars to walk this most important walk and reduce our carbon footprint.

As you visit LC, you will find a college on the move. Honored as one of only 40 Colleges That Change Lives nationwide, we are working constantly to help maximize your collegiate experience. Lynchburg College is Going Above & Beyond in commitment to student success.

Kenneth R. Garren