Podiatry School

There are 9 colleges of podiatry medicine in the U.S. It takes 4 years to obtain a doctorate degree in podiatry. About 1000 applicants apply to podiatric medical schools each year. First year enrollments are between 550-650.

Course Requirements

LC provides prerequisite courses, but does not offer a program in podiatry medicine.

Ninety semester hours of undergraduate work are required. A strong liberal arts education is suggested. The course prerequisites for admission into podiatry school are the same as for medical school. Read the section on required courses for medical school. Since podiatry school requires that students take the MCAT, the suggested sequence of courses described in the section on medical school should be followed. The average GPA of matriculants into podiatry schools was about 3.1 and the average science GPA was about 3.0. The average MCAT scores were about 7 in each section.


Applications are made through the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine Application Services. http://www.aacpm.org/


Podiatry schools require the MCAT. Read the information on the MCAT in the section on medical school.