Physics Program

A student works with Dr. GoffThe physics major is intended for students interested in pursuing careers in pure physics, including graduate school options in physics and related disciplines.

A student on the track for a physics major will be able to pursue engineering as well. See the Dual-Degree Engineering page for more details about engineering options. In fact, training in physics provides a student with the ability to pursue numerous post-baccalaureate career options. Critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving skills are hallmarks of physics training and they represent invaluable traits in people who must be versatile in modern job markets.

See the Courses document and the Typical Course Sequence for more detailed descriptions of the courses we offer and the likely sequence you would take.

Physics Major

The physics department's mission and requirements are listed below.

The mission of the department is to provide:

  1. Through departmental support of the College General Education Program, an introduction to the history, thought, and techniques which distinguish physics as a discipline central to the sciences
  2. Physics curricula which thoroughly ground participating students in the core competencies expected of physics graduates
  3. Physics curricula that stress the ability to read, calculate, write, and speak effectively about specific physics topics

Students completing the BS major in Physics will:

  1. Demonstrate conceptual knowledge in the core physics courses outlined below
  2. Demonstrate competence in the application of the methods, techniques, and equipment used in the physical laboratories
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of research methodology in the physical sciences, including the use of appropriate research literature
  4. Demonstrate competence to apply basic concepts to solve physics problems, including those which require mathematics through differential equations
  5. Obtain information on a general or specialized topic within the physical science disciplines and communicate that information both orally and in writing