Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Student

Your student may be away at school, but she still relies on your support and guidance. Help her stay on course with a well-timed question.

Thanks to the good people in the Science Department of Old Dominion Universityfor this list of questions.

Are you going to class?
Skipping class is the number one reason why students fail.

Are you studying at least 25 hours per week?
College is a full time job. Students should be in class, studying, and doing homework about 40 hours per week.

Are you reviewing the material in each class at least weekly?
By reviewing all material each week, preparing for an exam becomes much easier.

Are you scheduling your time to relax?
Everyone needs down time, but down time can eat into study time if there's not a schedule! Students become more successful by earning to manage their time.

Do you know the last day to withdraw from a class?
After this date you cannot withdraw from a class (it's at the end of the 10th week of the semester).

Are you starting your assignments early?
The unexpected happens: students get sick, their computers die. Starting assignments early makes for less stress.

Have you seen your advisor?
Students need to meet with their advisors at the beginning of each semester and should meet again after mid-term grades are posted and before the end of the semester to review progress and plan for the next year.

Have you visited your professor during his/heroffice hours?
Professors like to help students! They keep office hours in order to be available to give help and advice.

Are you going for extra help?
There is a lot of help available - start by reviewing the Tutoring & Coaching information.

Have you formed a study group?
Studying complex material can be more efficient with a study group.