LC hosted its first “Hornet-2-Hornet:College to Careers Conference”on Friday during Homecoming. Every School of the College featured alumni panel discussions for undergraduates in these programs. Current students had the opportunity to learn from alumni of their programs and, following the panel discussions, interact with these alumni at special receptions.

“Launching from LC” Task Force has been working this past year to propose new and innovative ways we can prepare our graduates into the worlds of work and graduate school more effectively.

The Hornet-2-Hornet (H2H)program kicked off this summer with student and alumni networking receptions in Richmond, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. We connected students doing internships to alumni in those areas for mentoring and networking conversations.


“What They Never Taught Me in Business School,” Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Joe Turek, Dean, SOBE, Schewel 231

Alumni Panelists: Renee Costa-Gage ’98, Marketing Major, Owner, RCG Photography; Lauren Grossman ’10, Fraud Analyst II at Bank of America; Lauren Wilcox ’13, Accounting Major, Auditor of Public Accounts, Commonwealth of Virginia; Brenda Martinez ’13, Corporate Accountant, ICMA Retirement Corporation; Johnny Black ’08, Partner, Executive Recruiter, Chesapeake Search Partners


Communication Studies

“Lifetime Opportunities as Communication Studies Majors,” Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Mike Robinson, Schewel 232; Reception, Flint Family Lobby

Alumni Panelists: Emily Brown ’02, Mobile Editor, USA Today; Dana Esposito ’10, Staff Assistant, Office of Representative Rick Crawford, 1st D, Arkansas, U.S. Congress; Kelli Rainey ’99, Dean of Academic Support Services, Johnson C. Smith University: Emily Nielsen Robinson ’03, Co-Host/Co-Producer, Living in the Heart of Virginia, WSET

Theatre and Music

“Lifetime Opportunities as Music and Theatre Majors,” Faculty Moderators:  Professor Jeff Whitman/Dr. Kara Eaton, Schewel Performance Hall, Reception, Flint Family Lobby

Alumni Panelists: Bill Bodine ’78, ’89, Director, East Region, Centra Medical Group; David Wheeler ’92, Associate Director,  Theatre Design, Radford University; Kelli McGorry Wheeler ’92, Director, Pharmaceutical Sales; Alice Watson ’90, Music Teacher, Campbell County Schools; Derrick Thompson ’08, Music Teacher, Charlotte  County Schools; Sara Harkrader ’11, Teacher, Campbell County Schools; Megan Harker ’01, ’09, English and Dance Instructor, Brookville HS/Lynchburg College; Peter DeVall ’09, U.S. Coast Guard; Ramon Goings ’08


“Lifetime Opportunities as Education Majors,” Faculty Moderator: Dr. Jan Stennette, Dean, Thompson 101

Alumni Panelists: Don Toms ’71, Former teacher, Educational Consultant; Dr. Loretta Gafford-Jones ’73, Faculty Emeritus, Lynchburg College; Samantha Payne ’11, Teacher, Lynchburg City Schools


Athletic Training

“Lifetime Opportunities as Athletic Training Majors,” Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Debbie Bradney, Turner 314, Reception, Turner 308

Alumni Panelists: Chris Hallberg ’10, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Delaware State University; Rosey  Rosetty-Wagner ’13; George School , Newtown, PA; Kim Frieberg ’11, DPT Student (3rd Year), Lynchburg College; Katherine Frick ’10, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Ferrum College

Exercise Physiology

“Exercising Your Options for Careers in Exercise Physiology,” Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Sean Collins, Turner 304, Reception, Turner 308

Alumni Panelists: Randi Abell ’08, Fitness Director, Jamerson YMCA; Daniel Cutright ’12, Graduate Student, UVa, Coach, Cross Country/Track, Monticello High School; Justin Klein ’10, Exercise Physiologist, Pulmonary & Wellness Programs, Centra Health, Zach Wood ’12, DPT Student (2nd year), Lynchburg College

Health Promotion

“Lifetime Opportunities as Health Promotion Majors,” Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Charlotte Guynes, Thompson 202, Reception, Turner 308

Alumni Panelists: Chris Giannone ’12, Health Marketing Specialist, Centra Health; Jasmine Murphy ’11, ’13, Outreach Health Specialist, Blue Ridge Medical Center; Dwayne Jones ’13, Chesterfield Fire Department; Miles Monroe ’12, Trauma ICU, Fairfax Hospital; Ashley McHaney ‘12, Mentor Program, Coordinator, St. Joseph’s Villa; Allison McGee ’09, Occupational Therapist, Clarendon Health System; Anna Reynolds ’12, Patient Care Tech., Richmond Community Hospital; Kelly Mantegna ’08, Program Specialist; Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Brittany Proffitt ’10, Patient Services Coordinator, Orthopaedic Center of Central Virginia; Krystle Landes ’12, Community Director, March of Dimes Foundation


English, French, History, International Relations, Philosophy

“What Can You Do with a Liberal Arts Degree?  Anything!”  Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Mike Santos, Hopwood Auditorium

Alumni Panelists: Ty Gafford ’94 History, ’08 MEd, Principal, Campbell County; John Reilly ’86 History, Marketing, Madden Communications; Elizabeth Childress ’12 Philosophy/French, Government Affairs Specialist, Spotts Fain PC; Clyde Harkrader ‘09/English, Proposal Specialist, Thomas Advisors; Adam Smith ’04/International Relations, International Affairs Specialist, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition


Computer Science/Mathematics

“Lifetime Opportunities as Computer Science, Mathematics Majors,” Faculty Moderator:  Prof. Doug Thomasey, Hobbs 116, Reception, Hobbs, 2nd Floor Lobby/Patio

Alumni Panelists: Chris Jordan ’03, Software Engineer, Barlow Technologies; Jason Carter ’07, Web Developer, Benchmark Systems; Ben Grannan ’06, Alison Manns Black ’07; Chris Carpenter ’10, Teacher, Amherst Public Schools; Thomas Brown ’07, ’11 MEd, Teacher, Chatham High School; Aaron Stroud ’11, Teacher, Appomattox Public Schools

Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Psychology

Lifetime Opportunities as Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, and Psychology Majors, Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Dave Freier, Hobbs 316, Reception, Hobbs, 2nd Floor Lobby/Patio

Alumni Panelists: Becca Harris ’12, Michaela Knapp Loucks ’07, Chemist, Teva Pharmaceuticals; Molly McKechnie ’12, Lab Technician, Jason Labs; Christine Walker ’09, Phlebotomist, Centra; Velvet Nelson ’03, Co-Founder, ProctorFree, Charlotte, NC

Biology, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies

“Lifetime Opportunities as Biology, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies Majors,” Faculty Moderator:  Dr. Brooke Haiar, Hobbs 119, Reception, Hobbs, 2nd Floor  Lobby/Patio

Alumni Panelists: Molly Walker ’13, Seasonal Naturalist, Nature Zone; Nels Erickson ’12, Graduate Student, Lynchburg College; Amanda Pillow Winks ’10, Assistant Chemist, City of Lynchburg; Kiley Revis ’01, Industrial Hygienist, Teva Pharmaceuticals; Ashley Simpson ’13