Digital learning conference set Nov. 2

Two speakers from iSchool Initiative are coming to LC on Saturday, November 2 to get students, faculty, and members of the public to think about integrating digital technology into all types of learning.

“Contemporary Technology for Today’s Classroom” is the topic of the eArts Initiative Digital Learning Conference, in Memorial Ballroom, Hall Campus Center from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

iSchool Initiative is a student-run grassroots movement advocating for contemporary technology integration in education. They motivate both students and teachers to become lifelong digital learners by inspiring action, providing comprehensive training on the use of technology, and guiding educational institutions through technology deployment.

emily wolfeiSchool Initiative team member Emily Wolfe (left) will keynote the eArts Initiative conference at LC. She is currently a junior majoring in Business Management at Kennesaw State University. Emily has grown up in a family of educators, and worked as a middle grades After School Program teacher for several years. In 2011, she fused her passion for education reform with her lifelong love of stage performance to become a presenter for iSchool Initiative. She is the seminar coordinator, and also leads all art and music workshops.

arvinThe second speaker is Arvin Ross, director of professional development for iSchool Initiative and a junior at Kennesaw State University. He travels all over the world, spreading his passion for unleashing creativity in the classroom. Overcoming a broken home and a background of drugs, fighting, and gang life, his words carry the weight of experience that can change the way both students and teachers see education.

iSchool Initiative’s Digital Learning Revolution Tour has visited 26 states and interacted with more than 300,00 students and educators since it was founded by then high school student Travis Allen. The program is based at Kennesaw State University.

Learn more about founder Travis Allen and iSchool Initiative on their website and on the eArts Initiative blog.

This learning conference is being funded by a grant from the Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges and Lynchburg College.

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