Senior scores record label

eddy faulknerEddy Faulkner ’14 has signed to a record label with Premier Records, Inc., which plans to include his recording of “O Holy Night” on a Christmas album to be released November 1.

Check out a nice piece on Eddy on WSET.

“I think everyone was shocked it happened this fast.  I’ve been doing this singer, songwriter, and musician thing for three to four years and it’s so exciting to see this happen.  I can’t wait to see what happens next in my career,” Eddy said.

A management major, Eddy started singing, playing guitar, and writing songs at the end of his freshman year at LC.  While he has always loved music (he played trumpet in elementary, middle, and high schools and discovered the drums his senior year in high school), he started finding his voice in college. He is entirely self-taught. 

Eddy has written numerous songs, which he says fall under the broad umbrella of “pop,” and are about love and life experiences. Premier Records will help him promote his first single and/or album after he graduates in May. “My goal is to create stuff that’s really universal,” he said. “I hope to write songs in the future for other people, too.” 

Eddy says he connected with Premier Records via Facebook, where he does a lot of self-promotion. YouTube and Linked In are other social media platforms that have helped him connect with others in the music industry. Check out Eddy on YouTube.

A native of Arlington, Va., Eddy did an internship over the summer with a recording studio in Washington, D.C.  He made many new contacts there including his first contact with Laura Patterson of Premier Records. “She liked my version of O Holy Night,” Eddy said. “She said it brought tears to her eyes.” You can preview a minute of the song or buy it here

An Eagle Scout who played baseball through his junior year in high school, Eddy said he likes to play soccer and work out when he’s not studying, playing guitar, or writing songs. 

People often ask about his ethnic background and he is proud to tell them he is half Asian (Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Japanese) and half European (German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish). 

What else should we know? “I’m single,” he says, “and I just signed to a record label.”